Sky Ferreira

Listing: Sky Ferreira’s ‘Night Time, My Time’ in 5 Coming-of-Pop-Star-Age Lyrics

Initially signed by Capitol Records as a potential successor to Britney Spears at the age of 15, Sky Ferreira’s career has since lurched from one false start to another. Her synth-pop-inspired debut album was originally […]

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RIFF’d: Arcade Fire’s ‘Reflektor’

After all the guerrilla marketing campaigns, the teaser videos that just wouldn’t quit, the Bowie back-up vocals, the bobble-heads, “secret shows,” cryptic-punk SNL featurettes, fake cover bands, critic Achtung Baby posturing and incredulous silence from Arcade Fire until about a week ago […]

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RIFF’d – Poliça’s ‘Shulamith’

Having already collaborated together while performing with Gayngs, producer Ryan Olson and singer Channy Leaneagh seemed to have already had a vision in mind when they formed Poliça. Leaneagh had recently divorced her husband – […]

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RIFF’d: Pearl Jam’s ‘Lightning Bolt’

The writing was on the wall with Riot Act, back in 2002, Pearl Jam flexing anger and social commentary in mantra, but swinging and missing the “Jeremy” rawness of their glory days like one of those […]

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Paul McCartney

Listing: The Top 5 Trips Down Memory Lane From Paul McCartney’s ‘New’

Following last year’s underwhelming take on The Great American Songbook and an embarrassing performance at the London Olympics Opening Ceremony, Paul McCartney was in danger of being written off as a hasbeen who should gracefully […]

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Spotlight: Andrew Cedermark

“I can’t believe I wrote some of the stuff I did,” NYC-based talent Andrew Cedermark tells us of his poetic vision for sophmore effort, Home Life. Dropped this past July, the former guitarist of Springsteenian punk stalwarts, […]

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Listing: Kings of Leon’s ‘Mechanical Bull’ in 5 ‘Aw, Schucks’ Sentiments

Kings of Leon are back after a year-long hiatus triggered by frontman Caleb Followill’s exhaustion due to alcohol and touring. Reports of them sounding invigorated may be accurate, but it all depends on what you […]

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It took balls to for MGMT to abandon Oracular Spectacular‘s catchy-as-hell, platinum-selling, indie dance party feel on follow-up Congratulations. After the resulting ‘we don’t conform to your expectations’ rep, it took a similar amount of oxymoronic balls to […]

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Photo: Freddie Ross

Streetside: Daughters Reunite at The Met in Pawtucket, RI; September 13

No one embodies misfortune, panic, disease and filth quite like Daughters. And no one makes it so aurally empowering, either. For most of their nine-year existence, they only created obsessive cult fans or extreme haters until creative […]

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RIFF’d: Arctic Monkeys’ ‘AM’

Revitalized by a triumphant headline slot at Glastonbury, Arctic Monkeys’ fifth studio effort, AM, sees Yorkshire’s finest striking a balance between the vibrant indie-pop of their Mercury Prize-winning debut and the slightly alienating stoner-rock of […]

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