Data Scientist Definitively Determines the Saddest Radiohead Song

Analytics Specialist/Blogger ‘RCharlie’s header for his “fitteR happieR” Radiohead experiment; Photo: rcharlie.com Radiohead are well known for having bleak, despairing and sometimes absolutely heart-rending songs. Playing their music usually casts a dim atmosphere around the room and […]

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RIFF’d: Jens Lekmen’s ‘Life Will See You Now’

Jens Lekman‘s fourth studio album Life Will See You Now is a lesson in humility. He’s an atypical pop star, and isn’t afraid to be as odd and vulnerable as he wants to be. It’s a […]

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Linkin Park Release Artwork for LP7 and Lyrics for Single ‘Heavy’

On Monday, Linkin Park tweeted the possible image of their to-be-revealed seventh LP; Photo: Twitter For many the band Linkin Park is the epitome of aughts alt-rock: edgy, hard riff-driven and screamed semi-emo vocals. Yet it has been […]

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The Dark History of Smash Mouth’s Lyrics in ‘All Star’

Origin paper notebook “All Star,” in all its Smash Mouth glory; Photo:[email protected] Earlier today Smash Mouth, the faux-ska outfit that swept the late 90s with its annoying feel-good hit “All Star” recently posted an image on […]

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RIFF’d: Foxygen’s ‘Hang’

Foxygen‘s fifth studio album Hang plays out like a soundtrack to a movie that not only doesn’t exist, but one that no one wants to see made. From beginning to end it is weighed down […]

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RIFF’d: The xx’s ‘I See You’

The xx‘s third studio album I See You is an ambitious and dogged march towards liberation. All that has hampered them since becoming international pop stars airs out in ten masterfully crafted songs. They embrace everything […]

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RIFF’d: Leonard Cohen’s ‘You Want It Darker’

Leonard Cohen has one speed: slow. It’s a baked in approach and the pace in which his 14th studio album You Want It Darker unfolds. In striking fashion, Cohen meticulously careens through gospel-tinged tunes, stopping only to reflect […]

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Cubs Fire DJ for ‘Cuban Missile’ Song Choice

The Chicago Cubs fired a Wrigley Field DJ after playing an inappropriate song during Aroldis (aka “Cuban Missile”) Chapman‘s appearance on the mound. The song “Smack My Bitch Up” by the Prodigy comes on the heels […]

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RIFF’d: Blink-182’s ‘California’

Tom DeLonge has left Blink-182 and Alkaline Trio‘s Matt Skiba has filled the vacancy. Are you pumped? Saddened? Intrigued? Well, Blink’s new DeLonge-less record California is still pretty boilerplate pop-punk, but the change is still exciting. […]

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STREETSIDE: METZ Shred Seattle’s Barboza; June 17, 2016

Ever since Metz released II and we RIFF’d it here, I’ve been a huge fan and made no secret of it. They’re also relatively big with the rest of Seattle, which is unsurprising as the band […]

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