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Sep 23, 2016

She look like a centerfold/Mouth all on my genitals/Suckin’ on it like she gettin’ vitamins and minerals/I be on the chemicals, she be on my testicles/Poke her with my tentacle then put her on my schedule

from Really Doe lyrics by Danny Brown

The beat opens up Pandora’s Box, making way for a squad of misfit lyricists. They’re firing in every direction, each acting as brazen and feisty as the other. It’s Brown’s show, however, and with his token delivery he’s bouncing off the walls like a madman. A few years have rolled by, but the daredevil is still alive and well; it’s a brief warm-up before the full show gets underway; [LISTEN].

Sep 22, 2016

I’ve got friends in high places/I know what you don’t know/Been round the block a while/In my time, I’ve pulled a stunt or two

from Stunt Queen lyrics by Bloc Party

Bloc Party’s signature stop and go guitar and staccatto drums go on effortless three-minute cruise control like it’s gonna kick it into high gear but never does. Their first song written and recorded with two new members feels safe and formulaic without much of a payoff. Still, a stickily confident chorus and new drummer Louise Bartles’ killer technique gives the new lineup hope.

Sep 22, 2016

You know what I want/To rip it open and pull it out/And we’ll take it lowThere’s just some things I don’t need to know

from Whiteout lyrics by Warpaint

After a bit of backlash over the radio friendly unit shifter vibe of their last New Song, Warpaint provide some hope here that their new album will retain some of the moody atmospheric quality of their previous work, while still upping the BPMs. Every band deserves a paycheck in this era, but still, any sacrifice of dream pop sensibilities for dance pop sensibilities will come at a cost; [LISTEN].

Sep 22, 2016

Step on board darling/Next stop is a moon beam/Together we’ll sail the heavens afar/In search, in search, in search of a guiding star

from In Search For Our Star lyrics by Sharon Revoal

The mighty bassline announces a whimsical journey through space and time. The groove is simple, but steady; traversing the stars with ease. Love in all its forms is the main attraction, and it carries the song into uncharted territories. There’s a Roy Ayers quality to it that is immediately infectious, a bounce that makes it relatable to all alien lifeforms. Universal soul that ignites the senses.

Sep 22, 2016

We’ll sit for days/And talk about things/Important to us like whatever/We’ll defuse bombs/Walk marathons

from AM 180 lyrics by Grandaddy

A synthetic bleeping hook skips down the street under the influence at 11 a.m., giving way to power chords and a lyrical shoulder shrug. Our hero hasn’t been to town for years, and though he may not be sure what he’ll find there, he knows that he and his companion will be indifferent to it. They’ll dismantle and dismiss the “important,” conjoined by the ephemeral nature of life.

Sep 21, 2016

Remember when you met my friends/Went to church on sunday/Found out how i grew up/Born and raised in a family that tells the truth, girl/And go around, cheat on my whole world

from Don't lyrics by Tobias Jesso Jr.

The former Adele collaborator is alone with his keys here, dropping a spare but warm arrangement that will either get jazzed up for a forthcoming album or remain a specter of a full band offering. It’s a pleasant and relaxed musing on an unpleasant but inevitable ending. Ironically and intentionally, he invokes religion to summon guilt in the Judas that he’s separating from; [LISTEN].

Sep 20, 2016

If you knew better, you would do better/But you don’t know shit, so I’ll do better/Got a new ‘do, and some new shoes/Just to go with my new boo

from Knew Better Part Two lyrics by Ariana Grande

A jilted lover looks to vent her frustrations, only to be met with further ridicule. It’s a stretch to call it a sequel, when it’s really only a sloppy seconds rework of a song that barely got off the ground in the first place. She’s officially become that spastic ex who can’t let the past go; not because she was in love, but because her ego can’t fathom the thought of being dumped; [LISTEN].

Sep 20, 2016

And you know that I’ll stick up for you, you/But taking sides is a foolish game/Cause in the end they won’t remove the pain/And I’m trying to give you the truth, truth

from Mediator lyrics by AlunaGeorge

AlunaGeorge shift from the dance-y electronic stylings they’ve become known for towards a mature mid-tempo soul-pop groove, a vignette of a third-party torn between two friends feuding over commitment. Support is offered in the form of “a little bit of wine [and] smoke,” rather than indulgent listening to the push and pull of a relationship that is clearly causing too much friction to go on; [LISTEN].

Sep 19, 2016

7-1-3 to the 2-8-1, yeah I’m riding/Why they on me? Why they on me? I’m flyin’/Sippin’ lowkey I’m sipping lowkey in Onyx/Rider, rider when I’m pullin’ up right beside ya/Popstar, lil’ Mariah

from Goosebumps lyrics by Travis Scott

Moody mumble rap that gets a sizable jump on the Halloween festivities. The autotune works remarkably well; adding an otherworldly, sci-fi dimension. Kendrick Lamar runs with the theme and burns rubber with a sizzling verse; his off pitch tone making him the ringmaster of this mad circus. Scott doesn’t venture too far from the overall theme, floating in the backdrop like a lost soul; [LISTEN].

Sep 19, 2016

A long black car is waiting ’round/I’ll miss you when you’re gone away forever/’Cause nothing really matters/I thought I knew better, so much better

from I Need You lyrics by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Loss opens up a raw black hole of emotion, one that expels a spiraling refrain of “nothing really matters” for an indefinite time, maybe forever, ’til the loss of one’s own life. The impossibility of going on after such a calamity crescendoes when Cave desperately claws at his consciousness, reminding it to “just breathe,” pleading with it to do the one thing most automatic and essential to human survival.


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