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Jun 12, 2015

Call me unforgiving, you can call me unkind/Call me when I can come pick up what’s mine/I will be every way your lover if you’ll only have me/But I guess I’m just a waste of your time

from Everyday lyrics by Diane Coffee

Foxygen wonderkind’s back w/ a falsetto soul strut, ornamented choir and piano-twinkle cathartic in service of a complete cease of game-playing with a lover’s heart, because that shit’s a waste of time as y’all know damn well. The wheel still looks the same, but Coffee greases it w/ pure gold sweat.

Jun 11, 2015

Unless you pull out the phat, crispy five dollar bill on the real before it’s history/’Cause fools be havin’ the vacuum lungs, and if you let em hit it for free, you hella dumb, da dumb-dumb

from I Got Five On It lyrics by Luniz

Possibly the most enduring of wholly marijuana-centric rap hits has an infectious enough beat to draw in squares and (obviously abstaining) children. Even though the video features a typically lavish mansion party, the duo spits about realistic, hoodrat dimebag deals; [LISTEN].

Jun 11, 2015

Well the two men took to fighting/And when they pulled them from the floor/Leroy looked like a jigsaw puzzle/With a couple of pieces gone

from Bad Bad Leroy Brown lyrics by Jim Croce

Croce’s biggest hit tells the story of a 6’4 badass from the “baddest part of town” over a shuffle-pop smash. The lyrical wit is accessibly simple, but not overly dumbed down. Of course, Leroy gets his comeuppance when he messes with the “wife of a jealous man,” so it’s a happy ending to boot; [LISTEN].

Jun 11, 2015

Born from the womb of the nebula/Deeper in the meadow where my actions are irregula’/I bug out and tell my maid to take the rug out/And dust it, and proceed to throw the thugs out of the pasture/As I recline on a hippo/Write the funky speech and watch my profits seem to triple and quadruple/Teaching all the pupils proper scruples in the meadow

from Sunny Meadowz lyrics by Del Tha Funkee Homosapien

Intelligent wordplay from a wily syllable-masher — cousin to Ice Cube and ardent supporter of the George Clinton school of thought. Pre-Deltron rhymes show his ability to swing hard with the consciousness, but it’s the oddities that emerge in this jewel that hint at a greater legacy to come.

Jun 10, 2015

You switched that up in one night, oh baby/Ain’t no sense in frontin’ when you know I got a thing for you/Ain’t no other girls in mind it’s me and you baby, I love you/Used to be the kind of nigga never wanna settle down

from You Changed Me lyrics by Jamie Foxx

Reformed and totally absolved from the days of manic infidelity, two cons pleading their case. The admission is honorable and while everyone deserves a second chance there’s something about it that smells foul; specifically the dollar bin beat and the Sybaris odor of phony that emits from it.

Jun 10, 2015

I woke up in a broken dream/With no one lying next to me/It’s not how it’s supposed to be/So why’d you have to go?

from Nightmare lyrics by Miley Cyrus

Dashboard teenage AOR angst coming in Daft Punk-synth hot, Cyrus gnawing every backbone of every pop banger ever — re: love is a drug, and life just ain’t the same without it. Here the Billboard tigress hits the dreaded nightmare stage, on a saccharine yet cunning overdub mission to let it bleed.

Jun 10, 2015

Dye your hair, tan your skin, lipo-suction’s really in/Adderall, join the fall, do it to be beautiful

from Nasty Girls lyrics by Holychild

Boy, this duo is really trying really hard to make ‘Brat Pop’ a thing. The chipmunky vocals, compressed drums, and generic synths aren’t even particularly obnoxious, even when aiming desperately to be. Typical LA shallow-isms listed in lyrical format for the umpteenth time is equally nondescript.

Jun 10, 2015

Gave my niggas all gold chains to remind me of it/We’re still holdin’ that old thing, tryna rob me of it/One time for the trill bitches that’ll let me touch it/I’m papi though, they get it poppin’ with me when I’m out in public

from 3500 lyrics by Travi$ Scott

Front runner for one of the most mundane hooks of the year, which of course can be attributed to an equally lame artist whose entire empire is built upon autotune and expensive, soon to be out of style clothes. Lyrically it’s the equivalent to Showbiz; full of plastic trinkets and fake cheese.

Jun 10, 2015

Do you feel this? Do you feel it when it hits?

from Crystal lyrics by Delorean

Somber, slightly dark wave-infused dance pop sounds great in 6/4 here. The Spaniards go for the usual “can you feel it”/empathogenic jive, and the whole package reminds somewhat of Hot Chip’s better material, although there’s little development over the track. Bonus points for the moniker; [LISTEN].

Jun 9, 2015

Just another day/In another life/From the satellite/Watching the world watch people as they do what they do to people

from Satellites lyrics by Bilal

If you’ve ever wondered who’s watching the watchers then look no further; it’s your modern day R&B superhero who comes out once every five years to drop knowledge. The sticky boom-bap provided by Adrian Younge is slick and allows him to get his Prince on; hootin’ and hollerin’ in anguish and ecstasy.


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