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Sep 10, 2014

The wolf will cry sheep as they take him away/We plot in our sleep but follow orders all day

from Where No Eagles Fly lyrics by Julian Casablancas + The Voidz

This 4-minute single is actually iffier than its 11-minute predecessor. Presumably a sort of vegetarian’s anthem, (“predators eat meat”), the hardcore-infused synth-punk fails the verses, is decent on the choruses, and kills the outro with pop flair. Experiment-al music = trial + error; [LISTEN].

Sep 10, 2014

If you want touch, touch, love/Can’t get enough/Don’t hesitate to grab the glove/Take it to the hub (porn)

from Take it to the Hub lyrics by Coolio

Coolio’s Pornhub ad is tacky, but not humorously so, sadly. The boring trap hi-hat beat’s failure doesn’t matter, but the hook’s brand name reversal (“take it to the hub-porn”) is just plain awkward. Most importantly, the NSFW video barely out-risqués MTV rap and the name-drops are heavily dated; [LISTEN].

Sep 9, 2014

All I can see before me is the darkest blue/Because I sink to the depths without you

from The Depths lyrics by Interpol

The El Pintor bonus track is sweet – i.e. cute – Banks’ partner keeps him from “sinking to the depths,” and an extended guitar solo helps keep the song from doing the same. Like most of the album though, it’s not going to make new fans, but will still please the old ones.

Sep 9, 2014

All those nights of many lights, fall away/Like the beautiful hours/These are all of my creations

from Twice as Hard lyrics by Interpol

Suckers for odd-time unite. And not just because it’s “twice as hard” to play. It takes this laid-back, Bernard Purdie shuffle beat come to life, as well as the rest of the track. It doesn’t quite keep the magic for the entire five minutes, though.

Sep 9, 2014

Oh, what a sweet Saturday/And the night is still young/Oh, there’s a flood coming soon/This rush is just like a tidal wave

from Tidal Wave lyrics by Interpol

If it weren’t for the slight verse/chorus/bridge incongruity, this would be a perfect single – as it is, it’s still an instantly more appealing “Ancient Ways.” The climax satisfies, the hook’s a simple yet interesting metaphor, resulting in a solid example of ‘new-wave-for-those-less-into-self-pity.’

Sep 9, 2014

You’ve seen the way how it happens, right? This beast inside me/It leads the way then is at my side, the feast turns to starving…I’m inclined ’cause I’ve seen my dreams deep fried

from Breaker 1 lyrics by Interpol

CB Radio is a creative way to express a deep, persistent “ache,” the very pain that seems to pervade all their material. Depending on your aural taste buds, these guys could come across dull or epic – speaking as someone on the fence on this subject, this track feels more like the latter.

Sep 9, 2014

Everything is wrong, wrong, everything is wrong/All we have is time, but my heart is going wrong/We’re taking a part of both of us, but nobody likes to wait/Everything is wrong, truly wrong, everything is wrong

from Everything is Wrong lyrics by Interpol

It starts catchy and leans on a familiar, yet hard-to-pinpoint soaring pop guitar line. However, “everything is wrong” isn’t a particularly cinematic statement to center around. However, the verses are “truly” a “soulful” soundtrack to “starting over” and “coming down.”

Sep 9, 2014

So many of us glowing/This kind of shit don’t heal in a week/Cruising in my blue supreme/Cruising in my blue supreme/Is someone there, I’m dying to be (cruising in my blue)/But nothing ever comes for free (cruising in my blue)

from My Blue Supreme lyrics by Interpol

Banks’ anthem for wishful-thinking, joy-riding, striking hard while the iron’s hot, and working hard for what you get may cover a lot of ground, but it’s mostly filler on all fronts. A well-placed, droll bit of profanity helps distract from that, but only temporarily.

Sep 9, 2014

It feels like the whole world is up on my shoulders/Feels like the whole world coming down on me

from Same Town, New Story lyrics by Interpol

Like the tracks before it, we open with a lone, reverbed guitar noodling into the distance, as the band builds around it. However, this one’s got a hook – it’s still eerie and negative, but groovy in its Atlas-ian pessimism.

Sep 9, 2014

We tried to engage/Softened up by peace/At least I had my taste/Of the nightlife

from Anywhere lyrics by Interpol

Presumably showing appreciation for both vets and the freedom they provide, it’s delivered with characteristic vagueness and riffs that wander without a home or destination. Others may hear yearning depth here, but I’m mostly getting melodic aimlessness to match Banks’ wanderlust self-description.


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