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Jul 24, 2017

I feel like I’m livin’ to lose/Who the fuck gon’ fit in my shoes?/I been patient for twenty years, put some respect when I move/Truth states won’t be denied, I go no chances to lose

from Too Late lyrics by Trae the Truth

A sonic pick-me-up from a rapper with little left to lose. He’s gone all in and prepared to see his career out to the very end. It’s the standard ride-or-die jam with little in the way of lyrical ingenuity. To compensate for the lack of firepower he commissions Post Malone, the biggest tourist in the game. A clown with no credibility. With him in the mix, it’s a total wash. One rapper’s last gasp.


Jul 24, 2017

Says she likes my hair ’cause it’s down my back/Says she likes the group ’cause we pull in the slack/Oh yeah, oh yeah

from Teenage Fanclub lyrics by Ben Gibbard

Gibbard‘s cover of Teenage Fanclub‘s “The Concept” is as straightforward as the original, at least lyrically — he didn’t make any ‘creative changes’. Musically, Gibbard’s version is a little slower and more chill, but still has the same yearning for a girl who “won’t be forced against her will” and who wears denim everywhere. The yearning is there, but so is the pain — the whole chorus is a regret of hurting this woman.


Jul 24, 2017

I make it out this hell I’ll never sin again/It’s probably a lie ’cause I’d do it all again/’Cause everything I’ve done gave me fuel just to win/Gotta peep the vision

from Strapped lyrics by A$AP Twelvyy

Deep fried breaks transport the A$AP Mob to the not so distant past, a spirited ode to their modest roots. Life was a constant hustle, and no day was ever promised. With no guarantee, the idea was to live life to the fullest. Through his eyes the same fire he narrowly escaped is what has capitulated him to riches beyond his wildest imagination. The Mob rolls on, and another chapter opens.


Jul 24, 2017

Boy, I ain’t got time for these bitches/Better throw a clock at these hoes/Have these hoes in this bitch looking for a waterhose/Who the fuck you talking to, motherfucker?

from I Ain't Got Time lyrics by Tyler, the Creator

Time is money and the clock is ticking. The once brat of indie rap has emerged as one of the savviest businessmen in the game. He’s built an empire and explaining to the world that his mad reign has only just begun. Major players have called, all wanting a piece of the Odd Future pie. A cool million has crossed his table, and the requests are only getting more enticing. No time to waste.


Jul 24, 2017

Blue is the color of the planet from the view above/Long live our reign, long live our love/Green is the planet from the eyes of a turtle dove/’Til it runs red, runs red with blood

from Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems lyrics by Lana Del Rey

A cosmic outlook on the world, one that indulges in the divine. She’s admiring the polarizing land she lives in, the many ups and downs and everything in between. All is in balance and it is beautiful, even the problems that plague humanity. Stevie Nicks joins her, and together they create a powerful synergy that can be felt from the very first note to the last.

Jul 24, 2017

Is it the end of America?/No, it’s only the beginning/If we hold on to hope, we’ll have a happy ending/When the world was at war before we just kept dancing

Her piercing falsetto slices the sky in half, angelic and haunting all the same. She’s admonishing the indifference, and the nerve of humankind to dance while the world is on the brink of destruction. The beat adds another layer of drama, and she matches the intensity with heartfelt mourning. Despite the circumstances she still feels that there is hope. Time, however, is running out.


Jul 24, 2017

Sometimes it feels like I’ve got a war in my mind/I want to get off, but I keep riding the ride/I never really noticed that I had to decide/To play someone’s game or live my own life

from Get Free lyrics by Lana Del Rey

She’s drawing a line in the sand, taking her life into her own hands and making sure that the only one responsible for her well-being is her. The beat is full of buoyant melodies, which encourage her to move forward without regret. The newfound perspective is a sign that a shift is in play, perhaps laying the groundwork for another project. She’s shedding dead weight and prepping for the future.


Jul 24, 2017

There’s something in the wind, I can feel it blowing in/It’s coming in softly on the wings of a bomb/There’s something in the wind, I can feel it blowing in/It’s coming in hotly and it’s coming in strong

from Change lyrics by Lana Del Rey

The everlasting theme of change seeps its way into her psyche. She’s witnessing nature and it’s expansive march forward. The feeling is leaving her nostalgic and she’s preparing herself for the inevitable. Life has come at her hard and fast, and she’s hoping that she can weather the storm. Her inner strength has given her a grounded sense of self, and the hope is that it’ll sustain her once more.


Jul 24, 2017

Probably gave you everything and took your life away/I put you on an aeroplane, destined for a foreign land/My hope’s that you come back again/And tell me everything’s okay, ay, babe, yeah

from Heroin lyrics by Lana Del Rey

Drifting in and out of her imagination, hoping to be swept away by the tide of time. She’s dreaming of a distant past, a place where she is free to let her spirit roam. In her memory she can express herself openly, and share her emotions with the one person she shouldn’t be sharing her emotions with. Her heart is swollen and she’s looking for respite in a place no one can touch.


Jul 24, 2017

I waited for you/In the spot you said to wait/In the city, on a park bench/In the middle of the pouring rain

from Tomorrow Never Came lyrics by Lana Del Rey

Through hushed tones, a torrent of pain is unleashed. She’s trying to keep the faith, waiting for a better tomorrow but as the namesake suggests tomorrow never comes. Downtrodden and soaking wet from the rain, she looks to the future praying that there is something better. She’s ready for another go, but before enduring it once more she takes a break and lets the pain settle in.



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