Listing: 5 Lyrical Leaps from Adrian Younge’s ‘Something About April II’

Adrian Younge is one of the most well respected producers in the underground soul scene; he’s worked with marquee names like Ghostface Killah, Souls of Mischief and the Delfonics. His biggest challenge, however, has not been popularity. […]

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TyDolla$ign_FreeTC_PA copy

RIFF’D: Ty Dolla $ign’s ‘Free TC’

Ty Dolla $ign‘s debut album Free TC is dedicated to a close friend who the rapper claims has been wrongly incarcerated. It’s a bold move, one that could have invited unwanted dialogue, but against all odds Ty […]

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The Weeknd Has a $325 Vape Now

Sometimes bro-douche accumulates enough layers to collapse into itself, making a tool singularity. The result, like an eclipse, compels you to burn your retinas as you can’t look away. But these days, Jersey Shore is […]

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RIFF’D: Janet Jackson’s ‘Unbreakable’

It is en vogue now for aging divas to stage comebacks, an idea based purely on reputation versus actual relevancy. For Janet Jackson‘s latest album Unbreakable, her first in seven years, she falls victim to the same traps […]

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Chris Brown Celebrates Custody of Daughter with Explicit Serenade

Just when you thought Chris Brown, the pop music equivalent to George W. Bush, couldn’t get any more boorish he defies all odds and does something incredibly stupid, even by Chris Brown standards. At a concert […]

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RIFF’d: Gary Clark Jr.’s ‘The Story of Sonny Boy Slim’

Gary Clark Jr. is not going to let us just label him ‘that guy from Austin who’s really, really good at guitar’. Or, alternately ‘that black guy from Austin…’, since bluesy guitar work has become a […]

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The Problem with Janelle Monáe’s Protest Song

Monáe performs at an anti-police brutality rally with the Wondaland Records crew in Portland, OR; Photo: Casey Parks/TheOregonian. Pop sensation Janelle Monáe has for better or worse stayed true to her creative persona. Contrived at times and as annoying […]

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What The Weeknd’s Record-Breaking Billboard Trifecta Says About R&B

R&B superstar the Weeknd recently made history by claiming the top three spots on the Billboard Hot R&B. The chart topping hits include “Can’t Feel My Face,” “The Hills,” and “Earned it” from the Fifty Shades of […]

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RIFF’d: Bilal’s ‘In Another Life’

Bilal has never been one to sit still for too long; he’s a stylistic chameleon that changes perspective regularly. Each album in his 15-year career has been different than the other, In Another Life, the NYC […]

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RIFF’d: Leon Bridges’ ‘Coming Home’

Leon Bridges, 25, is a true talent, a voice so golden that to deny it would be to deny a gift from above. His style is rich and warm and his debut Coming Home is […]

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