Billboard’s Taylor Ortega takes to the streets of NYC to talk Adele; Photo: Billboard

In honor of pop singer Adele‘s 30th birthday, entertainment reporter (and comedy writer) Taylor Ortega cruised the streets of New York for Billboard to test people on how well they know the lyrics to some of Adele’s biggest hits.

Ortega began with “Hello,” and unfortunately most couldn’t identify key parts of the song. Just to get the ball rolling, she eventually had to offer contestants multiple choice answers. She provided the lyrics, “I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to…,” and then offered the options: “a) get nachos, b) start a non-profit or c) meet.”

Ortega continued her quest, later quizzing fans on the meaning of “Rolling in the Deep.” She found a little more success with that one as some were able to identify at least the main idea of the song. In an excerpt transcribed on Billboard, she asked one man if he liked to cry and his responses was priceless. “Not like to, no…I have five daughters, I have plenty of crying,” he said.

With not much luck on her side. Ortega was able to locate one individual who was able to nail most of the lyrics to “Someone Like You.” And like the engaging host that she is, Ortega joined him in a spirited duet.

Though Adele apparently hosted a Titanic-themed party for her actual 30th, witnessing her fans recreate (or at least try to recreate) some of her most notable hits should make for some belated smiles.