Riff: Soundgarden – “Taree”

Nov 12, 2012

Taree walk out and raise the road to my tilted shadow/I only know I’ve made it home when I drown in your ghost light

from Taree lyrics by Soundgarden

“Taree” sonically plods along in generic rock fashion, but is saved somewhat by Kim Thayil’s guitar solo and Cornell’s singably cryptic lyric-juxtapositions. Yeah, it’s a mid-album track, but if you’re Soundgarden, you should bring the big guns 24/7 to redeem relevance with your own comeback album.

  • Geoperno

    Why would they need to justify their reformation? The relevance is for those who truly enjoyed their peak years with BMF , SU & DoTu and want some new material. I love this album as much as the aforementioned trio of excellence of that genre……..

    • Karl

      It’s not so much that they need to justify their reformation. However, they have changed in 16 years, largely for the better and become more mature as men. That being said, they aren’t the same people they were when they released those awesome albums and it shows in the music; in my opinion, it sounds watered-down and intentionally more radio-friendly than past efforts (on the whole). Not to jump to conclusions from that, but it suggests the album is more a calculated cash grab and less an expression.

Riff by Karl Ernest

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