Riff: Nas – “Simple Things”

Jun 21, 2018

You can see us on the ave, chop it up as always/Stand up Queensbridge, now the world know us/Everybody sayin’ my humility’s infectious/I just want my kids to have the same peace I’m blessed with

from Simple Things lyrics by Nas

Nasir Jones takes a stroll down memory lane and finds value in all the simple things in life. It sounds like an old man thing to do and it is, which is Nas’ way of celebrating a career come full circle. His journey is putting him in a grateful mood, but he’s also leaving nuggets of wisdom so his kids will have an idea on how to navigate life when things get tough. He’s also talking about artistic integrity and how it’s important to maintain your principles. The beat is stripped down and the tempo is set at a mild pace, which is a cakewalk for Nas who unfurls his rhyme book yet again like it were an ancient Sanskrit scroll.


Riff by Jeff Min

Jeff Min is a Chicago-based writer at SONGLYRICS. His work has appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times, Hi-Fructose, Wax Poetics, SLAM, and HOOP.

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