Riff: Soundgarden – “Halfway There”

Nov 12, 2012

If you’ve got a car and somewhere to sleep/Someone who loves you and something to eat.I’d say you’re doing better than most/But maybe not as well as some

from Halfway There lyrics by Soundgarden

Catchy acoustic guitar intro yields soon enough to the pinnacle of blandness and wasted words – a lyrical Rube Goldberg machine. Woof.

  • Yeah, I’ve got no argument here. This song sticks out like a sore thumb and feels like a mediocre track from “Carry On” which I liked in part. This is the only song I usually skip. I hope it’s not planned as a single because it’s so tame.

    • Karl Fagerstrom

      It’s a shame, too, because I really dig the chords, especially in the verses.

  • Petey

    Great song because what he says is true for most of the world. Count your blessings and be thankful.

    • Karl Fagerstrom

      True, and it’s a great Thanksgiving sentiment, most definitely.

      Although, if I REALLY want to be a contrarian ass, I could get geo-political and say it’s really only true for first-worlders, as there’s a whole third world out there would love to have everything in the first two lines (which makes what you’re saying all the more true).

  • geoperno

    Breaks up the album. Gives it some cadence although I admit if I can , will skip but the tune keeps going in my head. Every album needs a weak link so the rest of the songs stand out!

    • Karl

      I don’t think any album needs a weak song to make the others stand out, but I do agree that a change of pace (in energy, style, etc.) is always a good idea!

Riff by Karl Ernest

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