Riff: Flo Rida – “I Cry”

Nov 27, 2012

Get mad coz the quarter million on my necklace/DUI never said I was driving reckless

from I Cry lyrics by Flo Rida

“I Cry” serves up pretty damn good shameless dance, but there’s two main issues with it: 1) Lately people want a dubstep tempo for that – which actually makes “I Cry” refreshingly unique – and, 2) don’t try to sell me on some heartfelt, tear-jerking message with nonsensical, rambling bling-cliché lyrics

Riff by Karl Ernest

Karl is a Seattle-based musician and writer at SONGLYRICS; a veteran of both east and west-coast scenes, he has performed with the likes of The Ying Yang Twins, David Arquette, Wynton Marsalis, among others. But he's no stranger to seedy dives or house shows, either.

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