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Spotlight: Bishop Nehru

Born in Rockland County, New York, 17-year-old Bishop Nehru is the embodiment of many different eras. His old-soul sensibilities speak to the golden-age, the unbending confidence to today’s market, and his ability to make sense out […]

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RIFF’d: Sia’s ’1000 Forms of Fear’

Sia is an amazing artist. Her first big gig was as a backing vocalist for Jamiroquai, but she went on to create heart-wrenching ballads like “Breathe Me,” plus memorably gave Zero 7 a silky smooth […]

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RIFF’d: Robin Thicke’s ‘Paula’

We’ve all been there, head in hand, post break-up with enough remorse to last two lifetimes. Sometimes you’re the cause, other times you’re the effect, but the truly wise know that there’s always something better on […]

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Best Lyric Vids of the Week: Volume XXVI

Riff Raff‘s streetlight window nonsense, Jónsi chases the English dragon in the clouds, Macca‘s army of picture literati and more, as we roll into the half-way mark of 2014′s Best Lyric Vids of the Week. Will […]

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RIFF’d – Ab-Soul’s ‘These Days…’

There’s no mentioning Ab-Soul without talking about the TDE pedigree. Like Murderers’ Row there’s Kendrick Lamar who redefined mainstream, Schoolboy Q who made it all so indie friendly, and finally Ab-Soul – the enigmatic third man, […]

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Best Lyric Vids of the Week: Volume XXV

The art of ‘las’, advent of the dubstrip, Slash resurrecting a zine harlet for an end of the world car porn romp – never a dull moment in the chase to bring song to the […]

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RIFF’d: Lana Del Rey’s ‘Ultraviolence’

Some hardships are forged within the belly of fate. Others are self-induced, meticulously branded and sold as lifestyle. Lana Del Rey’s third album Ultraviolence falls into the latter category. Having already divulged her life as this sort […]

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Best Lyric Vids of the Week: Volume XXIV

Clapton washes some JJ Cale blacktop under his wheels, Nicki Minaj blasts some sap rap over pill porn, Riff Raff finds himself deep sea trophy muff diving and more in another week of the best, yet most times […]

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All Eyez on East: The Great Hip-Hop Color Question and Asian-Americans’ Place in It

Let’s be real, we do not live in a post-racial world. And to fool yourself into thinking we do is to embrace myopia at its most debilitating – not to mention the quickest – way […]

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RIFF’d: Jack White’s ‘Lazaretto’

A lot of millennials freaked out over the 10-year anniversary of Mean Girls, marking it a milestone in ‘holy crap, I’m getting old’ syndrome. I, on the other hand, get the same set of heebie jeebies […]

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