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RIFF’d: Pitbull’s ‘Globalization’

We should be thankful that an artist like Pitbull and an album like Globalization exists, otherwise we might forget about the ruse going on all around us, the force-feeding of homogenized, genetically modified hot garbage to […]

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RIFF’d: TV on the Radio’s ‘Seeds’

TV on the Radio for the longest time could do no wrong. Everything they touched was gold, a Midas touch that has sustained them for over decade. That is until their fifth studio album Seeds […]

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Best Lyric Vids of the Week: Volume XLV

We’d like to think the universe planned a week in which Nicki Minaj is envisioned as a nazi hip-hop dictator and a supergroup trio of German metal heads named after a kind of tank take […]

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RIFF’d: Foo Fighters’ ‘Sonic Highways’

Foo Fighters might be the modern era’s Rolling Stones. Their near two-decades nonstop commercial success makes them as close to an institutional dynasty as any rock band we’ve got. Red Hot Chili Peppers come close, […]

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RIFF’d: Damien Rice’s ‘My Favourite Faded Fantasy’

Damien Rice has been gone quite some time. Even when he was around, he never hit the household-name status of his contemporaries, but like every respectable singer-songwriter, all it takes is a big breakup to […]

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Rhyme Nor Reason: Iggy Azalea

Introducing ‘Rhyme nor Reason’ – a SONGLYRICS’ look at lyricists that make us want to jam a pencil in our brain. Or as a man named Shakespeare once wrote: ‘Was there ever any man thus beaten out […]

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Best Lyric Vids of the Week: Volume XLIV

Animated Dylan poetry resurrections, kaleidoscopic inkblots with Mary J. Blige, sad skeleton dinner theatre – so go just a few of the lyric video gems found in a Halloween edition of our weekly netting of the best […]

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RIFF’d: Run The Jewels’ ‘Run The Jewels 2′

Run the Jewels 2 is an anomaly, a sequel that is just as good as the original. Similar to if not totally like the The Godfather: Part II. It could have just as easily been a […]

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Streetside: Elite Underground Chicago Hip-Hop Trifecta Hit the Empty Bottle; October 21

There was quality to the Open Mike Eagle show at the Empty Bottle featuring Serengeti and Jeremiah Jae that for better or worse spoke volumes about the Chicago hip-hop scene. It was Tuesday and unless […]

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RIFF’d: T.I.’s ‘Paperwork: The Motion Picture’

T.I.‘s ninth studio album, Paper Work: The Motion Picture, marks an important turning point in the 34-year-old rapper’s career – a goodbye to Atlantic, who he had been with for ten years to start anew with Columbia, teaming […]

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