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Lyricapsule: The BBC Bans Bobby Pickett’s ‘Monster Mash’; October 10, 1962

Though the official date roams, today circa 1962 is considered the day the BBC decided Bobby “Boris” Pickett‘s brilliant Halloween gem “Monster Mash” would not receive play on UK airwaves, released just that previous August, […]

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Pornhub Erects Times Square Billboard, Sullies John Lennon’s Most Famous Lyric

Pornhub is making a serious push to be king of the NSFW intranets, first with the launch of a record label and theme-song contest – yes, enterprising bands, you can be the voice of the […]

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Jerry Lee Lewis; Photo: n/a

Lyricapsule: Jerry Lee Lewis Vs. The Devil; October 8, 1957

Today marks the anniversary of a fine 1957 moment in the legend of rock and roll, as a man with a purported higher power walked into a famous Memphis studio and recorded one of the […]

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Mark Kozelek Drops ‘War on Drugs: Suck my Cock’

There’s this line on 2012’s Among the Leaves that has Sun Kil Moon’s Mark Kozelek reducing his once female fan rich-career to an autographer of posters for guys in tennis shoes. The dude knows his […]

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Lyricapsule: Aerosmith Bail Out 53 Pot-Busted Fans After Gig; October 3, 1978

Somewhere during the set of Aerosmith‘s Fort Wayne, Indiana stop along their Live Bootleg! Tour on this day in 1978, a gang of policemen raided the tuneage times to crack down on as many pot-smokers as […]

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Lyricapsule: Donovan Debuts ‘Catch the Wind’; September 30, 1965

Hailed Britain’s answer to Bob Dylan – despite originally being spawned from Scottish lands – a 19-years-young Donovan made his Stateside debut on this day in 1965 on the short-lived variety show, Shindig!, fresh-face troubadouring, […]

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Lyricapsule: Bessie Smith Dies; September 26, 1937

Pioneering women’s path to the blues spotlight, vocalist Bessie Smith‘s life was cut short at the top of her game on this day in 1937, the victim of a car crash and a contentious white […]

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Album art; RCA Victor

Lyricapsule: The Monkees Crack Billboard Charts; September 24, 1966

Dropped just shy of a month prior, television’s favorite fake band that clearly wanted to be The Beatles, The Monkees ripped a hole in the pop-culture continuum with their very real Billboard-charting hit on this […]

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Lyricapsule: The ‘No Nukes’ Concert; September 19, 1979

One of those rare moments when people actually understand the power that they have over political action, a few hundred thousand people converged upon Madison Square Garden on this day in 1979, and the next […]

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Lyricapsule: Jimi Hendrix Dies; September 18, 1970

Seattle’s golden prince of shred, Jimi Hendrix, choked on his own vomit on this day in 1970 after a party in London. He was 27-years-young. One of the most infamous members of the 27 Club, […]

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