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Lyricapsule: ‘As Time Goes By’ Debuts in ‘Casablanca’; November 26, 1942

Casablanca, one of the most infamous films of all time, if not the most, made its debut in NYC on this day 71 years ago, simultaneously debuting its pinnacle emotive moment when that hussy Illsa Lund […]

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Sierra Leon Celebrates Ebola-Free Status By Dancing Themselves Clean

A little bit of hope we missed in combatance of the other end of the spectrum of things attempting to destroy us every day, Sierra Leon celebrated the World Health Organization 42-days free (November 7) […]

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Lyricapsule: Bo Diddley Debuts ‘The Beat’; November 20, 1955

Leading an infamous pack of defiers who dared to go against the wishes of Ed Sullivan, Mississippi blues-cum-rock innovator, Bo Diddley, dropped “the Bo Diddley beat” on this day in 1955 on The Ed Sullivan […]

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Lyricapsule: The Grammys Strip Milli Vanilli of Award; November 19, 1990

Worse than Chunk getting his ice cream taken away in Goonies, worse than every olympiad’s medal-stripped doping fiasco, there is Milli Vanilli, the cheesy pop puppets of 1990 who attained the status of the only artist to […]

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Best Lyric Vids of the Week: Volume XLVI

Swedish metal enigma, Ghost, return with a PSA from the underworld, Roy Orbison‘s legacy gets scrapbooked to death, some New Jersey punks find a way to get comfortably numb with a xylophone, and more, in the 46th […]

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Lyricapsule: Marshall Mathers Becomes Eminem; November 12, 1996

Before he became a “Rap God,” Mr. Mathers had to become Eminem. Opposite the ecstasy-binge of a Dr. Dre-produced major-label debut, the self prescribed “little white boy from Detroit” dropped his first set of studio-cut […]

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Handwritten Bob Marley Lyrics Expected to Fetch $15k

Another piece of lyric ephemera is set to go under the hammer, this time hawked by the 1977 Exodus-era edition of Bob Marley‘s Wailers crew via horn player Dick Cuthell and the tune “Keep on Moving.”  How Curthell […]

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Lyricapsule: Soft Cell’s ‘Tainted Love’ Sticks Around for 43 Weeks; November 6, 1982

Incubated on the Northern England soul circuit in the 70s when it was a Gloria Jones’ brass-punch of a DJ fave, Jones painting the Motown sound black with the song’s battered declarations on the tainting […]

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Lyricapsule: Susan B. Anthony Fined for Attempting to Vote; November 5, 1872

Renowned suffragist, raging granny, woman on silver dollar from 1979-1981, Susan B. Anthony walked into a presidential election polling booth on this day in 1872 and got slapped with a $100 fine for attempting to […]

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Lyricapsule: Dylan vs. the Blowfish; November 3, 1995

Easy targets, shooting the Blowfish in the proverbial AOR barrel. “Only Wanna Be With You,” despite Cracked Rear View’s absurd amount of record sales — 16x Platinum and counting — for anyone who knows that […]

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