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Glen Hansard – ‘Between Two Shores’

Glen Hansard might be difficult to love — his songwriting is rarely distinctive enough to generate such a strong feeling — but he’s almost impossible to dislike. He’ll probably never escape the shadow of such […]

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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – ‘Wrong Creatures’

Really, how many people listen to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club for their lyrics? Probably the same number of people who listen to the Jesus and Mary Chain for their lyrics. In other words, almost none. […]

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Eminem – ‘Revival’

In this age of #metoo and Black Lives Matter, you could be forgiven for saying, “I just don’t give a f*** about a new Eminem album.” Really, who’s got the time to hear this angry […]

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Jim James – ‘Tribute To 2’

Cover albums can do more than reinterpret or reinvigorate familiar songs. They can also tell you something about the person or people doing the covering. They can re-contextualize an artist’s own work, suggesting roots and […]

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Neil Young & Promise of the Real – ‘The Visitor’

Listening to a new Neil Young album is kind of like having your old, eccentric uncle over for dinner. Some things about him, you love. Other things may wear a little thin, but you’ve learned […]

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Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – ‘Who Built the Moon?’

Not unlike Morrissey, Noel Gallagher has given people plenty of reasons to dislike him over the years. It’d take far too long to cite them all, so we’ll just mention his recent snipes at Jeremy […]

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Morrissey – ‘Low in High School’

Sometimes, it seems like there are two types of people in the world: Those who revere Morrissey and those who want to punch him in the face (or worse). How you react to his latest […]

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Billy Ray Cyrus – ‘Set the Record Straight’

Whatever you think of Billy Ray Cyrus, you gotta give the man one thing: He has a good sense of humor. His CMT show Still the King offers ample proof of this. Cyrus plays “Burnin’” […]

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Converge – ‘The Dusk in Us’

On their surfaces, hardcore and metalcore would seem to be genres for young men. After all, it takes a lot of stamina and aggression to shriek and bash your instruments for extended periods of time. […]

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Weezer – ‘Pacific Daydream’

Comedian Hari Kondabolu did a hilarious bit about Weezer back in 2012. He kicked it off by asking, “What the fuck happened to the greatest rock band in the world?” One could easily debate Rivers […]

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