Whatever you think of Billy Ray Cyrus, you gotta give the man one thing: He has a good sense of humor.

His CMT show Still the King offers ample proof of this. Cyrus plays “Burnin’” Vernon Brownmule, a county musician who had a big hit in the 90s (remind you of anyone?) but now scrapes by as an Elvis impersonator. Vernon has a penchant for drunken escapades, one of which earns him some community service hours doing maintenance work at a church. The first season sees him pretending to be the church’s new preacher while trying to bond with his teenage daughter, who was conceived after he and the girl’s mom got it on in a port-o-potty.

If Set the Record Straight — a collection of Still the King soundtrack cuts, previously released collaborations and not one, not two but three versions of “Achy Breaky Heart” — reflected more of the TV show’s good-natured raunch, it could’ve been great fun. Unfortunately, the album’s mix of the bland and the bizarre makes it sound like a profit-grabbing hodgepodge (which it probably is).

Set the Record Straight does have some laughs — they just might not always be ones that Cyrus intended. For example, the gimme-that-old-time-country schmaltz of “Country Music Has the Blues” sounds ludicrous next to EDM remixes of “Achy Breaky Heart” and the Don Williams cover “Tulsa Time,” which are plenty WTF-worthy in their own right.

In this context, putatively heartfelt stuff like the Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute “The Freebird Fell” sounds bathetic at best and pandering at worst: [LISTEN]

Two intentionally funny moments serve as the album’s highlights. One is “Worry,” which splices together a goofy dance beat and a sample of Cyrus bantering with a live audience. The other is “I Want My Mullet Back,” a swaggering blues-rock number that Cyrus put out in 2006 and repurposed for his new show: [LISTEN]