“Much like Dr. Dog’s Be the Void (also released recently), Band of Skull’s second album illustrates a young band’s knowledge and debt to the school of classic rock. However, where Dr. Dog will mix and match influences into interesting combinations heretofore never considered, Band of Skulls puts on an impressive display of muscular guitar rock that is part Southern Rock (minus the Country aspects), mixed with the dynamics of the Pixies.

Yet, in such a mix, many attempts at catchy riffs seem lost in the density of the attack, and instead, the band relies on interesting, wistful vocal melodies. “The Devil Takes Care of His Own” (perhaps the most memorable of the big, sludgy riffs on the album) indulges in this kind of vocal smoothness, as bassist Emma Richardson supports Russell Marsden’s nasal yelp and gives the vocal part a kind of jerky lilt that contrasts to the heavy metal thunder of the chorus. Paired with the quieter psych-folk tune “Lay My Head Down” after, it proves them to be one of the more unusual, but fine, harmonic duos in rock, but it also shows the band’s knack for moody, atmospheric songs. […]”

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