Lady GaGa Immunization Tactic #13:

Cite security issues. One-upping South Korean religious groups’ attempts at preventing Lady GaGa‘s April 27 Born This Way Global Tour stop in Seoul from happening, via prayer, the AP is reporting “extreme fringe” muslim groups have pressured Indonesia police enough to cancel the artist’s June 3 stop in Jakarta. National police spokesman Boy Rafli Amar, claiming they could not guarantee security, denied the event’s permit Tuesday. The 52,000-seat Gelora Bung Karno stadium would have been GaGa’s biggest show or her Asia tour stretch. It was also sold-out already. But the best part: ticket-holders haven’t been told if they’ll get a refund or not yet. Meanwhile, Big Monster and her meat dress encroach upon Taiwan.


Manchester, Tennessee’s great hodgepodge rockery goes down a mere month from now, festival organizers marking the occasion with an artist schedule per your studious “Which,” “What,” “That” stage/tent bumbling pleasure. Many parallel set time decisions afoot, dear festival goer: Alabama Shakes or Big Gigantic? Umphrey’s Mcgee or Flying Lotus? War on Drugs or Peace, Love and Happiness? Joke. The Antlers are your other decision there. Which are kind of akin to peace, love and happiness, if you’re into heart-wrenching folkie affectations. At any rate, plan now, be happy later and share your excitement for your routes in the comment section below.


Now that Swede folkie Tallest Man On Earth, a.k.a. Kristian Matsson, has a title for his forthcoming third album – There’s No Leaving Now – it’s that time in the momentum press push to drop a single. Thus, from the desk of Mr. Matsson (via Rolling Stone) the acoustic howler gives us “1904,” a rather rhythmic number with a little kiss of reverb while Matsson wails about that time “they shook the Earth in 1904.” Apparently Matsson sourced some darker spaces of his mind for said song and the rest of the record. Based on this and the other live debuts floating around intranets, what’s your first impression?

Sabotage Kids:

Solidifying Portland as the epicenter of rad new father figures, Rose City-based filmmaker James Winters went viral with an homage to the late Adam “MCA” Yauch starring his two kids and nephew in a recreation of Spike Jonze-directed piece of 1994 Beastie Boys genius, “Sabotage.” There’s no roof-jumping or cocaine-running. But lots of fence-jumping and Pop Rocks smuggling, climaxed with an epic Connect Four fight. In other words: “Listen all y’all,” little people are quite the comedians (via Paste).


“The Ryan Express” a.k.a. baseball pitching elite, Nolan Ryan, pitched his first no-hitter on this day in 1973 against the Kansas City Royals, the first feat of a career-spanning seven, which is still uncontested. Ryan was (and still is) a lot of things to a lot of baseball fans. But country jangler Jerry Jeff Walker put it best in this eponymous homage:

Nolan Ryan, he’s a hero to us all
Nolan Ryan, he stands straight, he stands tall
He don’t mess around boys
He just throws a mean fast ball