Prince’s handwritten lyrics for an unreleased song presumed to be ‘Electric Rush’; Photo: Prince/RR Auction

Unreleased lyrics from the late great guitarist, singer, and songwriter Prince are to be auctioned off for an expected amount of about $8,000 (August 10-17), reports Rolling Stone.

The lyrics, which Prince wrote on purple paper (of course), are from one of his draft songs from around 2001. The title of the unreleased song is called “Electric Rush.”

Now, if you’re thinking, wait a minute, hasn’t Prince used that phrase in a song before?, then you’d be correct.

The term shows up in Prince’s collab with his protege Bria Valente in their song, “Here Eye Come.”

Dear diary, the one in my mind
Electric rush inside me is goin’ crazy
I gotta find a way to make it stop
If I don’t I’m gonna pop like a cork on a bottle of Chardonnay
In the air then I drop down to my knees

But back in ’01, Prince used the term in a different context (also, notice how he spells words phonetically and uses homonyms):

Been working so hard all day

lookin 4 ward 2 just gettin offa my feet

Kick these shoes behind the couch & fix

me lil something 2 eat

Run my bath & light my favorite candle

Spike the water with my sweet perfume

Another night of Electric Rush in my


Pinks & Blues in my arena

Ever alone blush 4 a shape the crown of my womanhood

night of electric crush

If you look at the actual handwritten lyrics, you’ll see that he crossed out or changed many of the lyrics (as songwriters often do), and the piece of paper is in “fine condition, with scattered creasing,” according to the auction announcement.

These attributes are by no means unique, but it’s just cool to think that those are Prince’s scribbles and Prince’s paper creases — and if anything, a peek into the editing process of one of the best guitarists and pop phenoms of his generation.

Listen to “Here Eye Come” below.