Upon splitting with his premier muse, Suze Rotolo, Bob Dylan seethed how he had “slipped to a sin of love’s false security.” It is a situation that many of us find ourselves in. Wrapped in our warm and dewy embraces, we forget just how easy it is to fall out of love as it is to fall in it.

And it is this very pain which permeates throughout “The Myth of Trust,” the new single from Adam Dishart, aka, Books on Tape.

When I sang for you
Did you listen?
I told you my story
Called “The Myth of Trust”

We recently sat down with Dishart to talk about the lyrics behind “The Myth of Trust” and his forthcoming debut album, Memory.

Can you tell us about the lyrics behind your new single, “The Myth of Trust”?

My friend Natalie Rakes and I had been talking about doing a song together, she does more danceable music than I do, so in order for it to work I started from a very basic dance beat. I sat at a bar in Seattle and tapped 1, 2, 3, 4 on my leg and wrote some lyrics, concentrating on phrasing and meter. The music came later. The song is in three parts. The first verse is Eve, the second Adam, and the third Lucifer. The idea had been floating around in my head for a while to write something that expressed sympathy for humanity and it’s search for love.

When songwriting, what comes first for you: the music or the lyrics? How do you approach writing lyrics? Do you have a special technique?

Every song is different and you never really know how, or if it will will come together. A clear idea about what I am going to write about is usually where I start, although you can’t tell where that will lead, and that is part of the joy of it! A lot of thinking, staring at walls, scribbling, etc. are involved. Making the thought or feeling coherent and real is how I judge if it is on the right track.

Are there any lyrical themes which run throughout your forthcoming debut album, Memory?

Not sure. They definitely have some common thread. Moments and events that you never quite figure out, but have a lasting impact and cannot come to terms with or forget. Maybe it will be clear when it is done.

Can you tell us some of your favorite lyrics written by other artists?

Right now I cannot stop listening to “Mid-Air” by Paul Buchanan. The lyrics and composition are so beautiful, it is hard to believe this song wasn’t written hundreds of years ago. Thanks Mr. Buchanan.

Download “The Myth of Trust” for free, below.