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RSD 2012, Another Radiohead Tune, Sufjan Stevens Debuts s/s/s, Stream BOSS’ ‘Wrecking Ball’

Wax Tracks: Record Store Day 2012 is upon us – April 21 – making it year number five for the local record store-coddling affair. An official ambassador has been named, as well, the lust-for-lifer Iggy […]

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Sean Combs Lands Cable Channel, Fiona Apple Plots Tour, New BOSS Single, Rihanna & Chris Brown Remix Amends

Puff TV: Sean Combs is branching out from hip-hop and clothing lines to get all Oprah on television with his own cable networked dubbed “Revolt” reports The New York Times. Hypothetically 24/7 music vids and […]

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Coverland: The Best Bruce Springsteen Cover Songs

“Tonight I’m going to play a few songs and try to give you an idea about where they came from. It’s kind of an iffy proposition because talking about music is like talking about sex. […]

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Springsteen At The Grammys, Eminem Vs. The Homeless, ‘Soul Train’ Tributes, Lou Reed’s ‘VU to LULU Tour’

Grammy BOSS: Accompanying the first performance from Adele since her date with a vocal cord surgeon back in the fall, the Grammy camp has announced 20-time Grammy winner Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band […]

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Johnny Ramone Autobiography, New BOSS LP Deets, Musicians Against SOPA, Soundtracking A Year In One-Second Intervals

‘Commando’: A new autobiography of veritable power-pop shredder of Ramone‘s guitarist Johnny Ramone, dubbed Commando is finally getting published (April 2nd; Abrams Image), eight years after his death in 2004 following a battle with prostate […]

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ingrid michaelson

Most Anticipated Albums of 2012

With 2011 nearly wrapped up (and not a moment too soon, if you ask me), it’s time to do what people do best: ignore the moment at hand and look ahead to what’s on tap […]

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Napster’s Last Breath, Springsteen @ SXSW 2012, Hanson’s New Beer, Indie Porn

Napster Ceases To Be: When a peer-to-peer site falls in an internet forest, there are plenty of people around to witness its existence. So went the many buyouts of the original mp3 outlaw that started […]

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Going Home for the Holidays: A Musical Survival Guide

This is the time of year when the calendar is suddenly jam-packed with holidays. For many of us, that means returning home to spend a bit of that time with the whole fam-damn-ly. Of course […]

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Most Disastrously Misinterpreted Songs

All art is open to interpretation. But what if the interpretations are stupid? Sure, everyone has a right to their opinion but that doesn’t mean we can’t mock those who have seriously missed the boat […]

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