Bruce Springsteen


Amazon Will Buy Your CDs, Rock Hall Responds To Axl Rose, Holograms At Coachella, Bob Marley Doc

Compact Discs: Making the local record store that much more obsolete, online retailer behemoth Amazon announced yesterday its option for customers to trade in CDs for store credit, the sad plastic music format now keeping […]

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RSD 2012, Another Radiohead Tune, Sufjan Stevens Debuts s/s/s, Stream BOSS’ ‘Wrecking Ball’

Wax Tracks: Record Store Day 2012 is upon us – April 21 – making it year number five for the local record store-coddling affair. An official ambassador has been named, as well, the lust-for-lifer Iggy […]

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Sean Combs Lands Cable Channel, Fiona Apple Plots Tour, New BOSS Single, Rihanna & Chris Brown Remix Amends

Puff TV: Sean Combs is branching out from hip-hop and clothing lines to get all Oprah on television with his own cable networked dubbed “Revolt” reports The New York Times. Hypothetically 24/7 music vids and […]

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Coverland: The Best Bruce Springsteen Cover Songs

“Tonight I’m going to play a few songs and try to give you an idea about where they came from. It’s kind of an iffy proposition because talking about music is like talking about sex. […]

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Springsteen At The Grammys, Eminem Vs. The Homeless, ‘Soul Train’ Tributes, Lou Reed’s ‘VU to LULU Tour’

Grammy BOSS: Accompanying the first performance from Adele since her date with a vocal cord surgeon back in the fall, the Grammy camp has announced 20-time Grammy winner Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band […]

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Johnny Ramone Autobiography, New BOSS LP Deets, Musicians Against SOPA, Soundtracking A Year In One-Second Intervals

‘Commando’: A new autobiography of veritable power-pop shredder of Ramone‘s guitarist Johnny Ramone, dubbed Commando is finally getting published (April 2nd; Abrams Image), eight years after his death in 2004 following a battle with prostate […]

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ingrid michaelson

Most Anticipated Albums of 2012

With 2011 nearly wrapped up (and not a moment too soon, if you ask me), it’s time to do what people do best: ignore the moment at hand and look ahead to what’s on tap […]

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Napster’s Last Breath, Springsteen @ SXSW 2012, Hanson’s New Beer, Indie Porn

Napster Ceases To Be: When a peer-to-peer site falls in an internet forest, there are plenty of people around to witness its existence. So went the many buyouts of the original mp3 outlaw that started […]

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Going Home for the Holidays: A Musical Survival Guide

This is the time of year when the calendar is suddenly jam-packed with holidays. For many of us, that means returning home to spend a bit of that time with the whole fam-damn-ly. Of course […]

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Most Disastrously Misinterpreted Songs

All art is open to interpretation. But what if the interpretations are stupid? Sure, everyone has a right to their opinion but that doesn’t mean we can’t mock those who have seriously missed the boat […]

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