Robin ‘Sadsack’ Pecknold:

Blasting a series of tweets last night about his “sadsack mode,” lead Fleet Foxes man Robin Pecknold confided in Soundcloud via a new demo called “Olivia, In a Separate Bed.” Just Pecknold, a guitar, some reverb and a lovelorn tale about a character named Olivia. Yet another showcase of the endurance of Pecknold’s vocal stamp, as the adage goes: from great sorrow, wroughts great art.

Do Ya Damn Thing:

The anticipated collab between Andre 3000, James Murphy and Gorillaz dubbed “DoYaThing,” funded by and for Converse officially dropped today. Actual message from said shoe company: “Enjoy the tasty bits, kiddie winkles.” Translation: Plastic Beach-y, synth-flow made for hips and philosophers of the “do ya damn thing do ya thang-a-thang” right, with disaffected Damon, speedster Andre and falsetto James in equal parts.

Das Queue:

The Hitler Reacts meme collided with Kraftwerk fever following demand for the iconic krautrock crew’s residency at NYC’s MoMA two-ticket limit on Wednesday. If you can disassociate the cultural context of the film Downfall in which the video in question is from, as well as the non-existent connection between Hitler and Kraftwerk, aside from being German, it’s thoroughly entertaining to get your schadenfreude¬†on imagining the notorious dictator berating his minions for not trumping the “VIP douchebags” that the “MoMa will load the concerts with.”

Madge In Drag:

Possibly the first ever re-imagining of a Super Bowl halftime show, a Brazilian drag queen known as Alexia Twister waxed over every detail of Madonna‘s 13-minute XLVI Feb. 5 production at Victoria Haus in Brasilia, Brazil, right down to a faux-M.I.A. bird flip. Sorry pyrotechnic aficionados, those got the video treatment, played on a screen behind the troupe. Otherwise, dudes-look-like ladies abound in this odd homage to America’s veritable brass pop-culture ring (via the L.A. Times).


Grandpappy of folk, Woody Guthrie, penned his arguable most famous song of his 1000+ oeuvre on this day in 1940, “This Land Is Your Land.” A re: Amurrica “ABCD” melody to suffocate Irving Berlin’s general glossing “God Bless America,” the lyrics have changed over the years depending on how Guthrie’s political attitudes wavered before his death or what new icon of the new folk moment of the 60s picked up the torch, but this verse has always remained the same:


This land is your land, this land is my land
From California to the New York Island
From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream waters
This land was made for you and me