The Only Place:

Cali-shag poptress Bethany Cosentino, a.k.a. Best Coast, is done writing break up records. Or so the sun shines her way on latest single “The Only Place,” the first follow-up offering to her 2010 debut, Crazy For You from a sophomore effort she and longtime stickman Bobb Bruno are calling The Only Place, as well, due May 7 via Wichita Recordings. “Why would you live anywhere else?” Cosentino jangle jams inter her own sing-song blissful refrain, “We’ve got the ocean/Got the babes/Got the sun/We’ve got the waves/This is the only place for me.” You can almost smell summer.


The Radioheads of ambient rock, Icelandic emotives Sigur Ros have awakened a four-year silence with news of a sixth studio LP dubbed Valtari, coming soon to a record shop near you circa May 29 via EMI/XL. When plugged into one of those translator widgets, the internet tells us that the album title means “steamroller,” which is precisely the type of drug paraphernalia we suspected these dudes use to achieve the maximum mind-swell of beauty they keep releasing unto live stages. Of course the reality is that the psychedelic connection is a bust, it’s still, literally, fitting imagery for the single tease, “Ekki Mukkk,” of which you can dig on their website, between now and May.

Horn Of Plenty:

For ya’ll Hunger Games nerds, and indie-rock nerds, the crusading independent collective that could, Arcade Fire, dropped the dystopian second-single from their Hunger Games soundtrack contribution. Dubbed “Horn of Plenty,” the thundering horns are certainly the game here. Even without its silver-screen companion, it screams some odd epic camera pan or triumphant running of some lady with an arrow. While frontman Win Butler had to say to Entertainment Weekly: “We were interested in making music that would be more integral in the movie, just as a mental exercise. And there’s an anthem that runs throughout the books, the national anthem of the fascist capitol. So as a though experiment, we tried to write what that might sound like.”


Justin Bieber – and three other people and a pair of producers – wrote a song called “Boyfriend.” This is what it sounds like. The picture to your left is what he wants it to look like. It’s a teaser from his third studio effort, Believe. How does this make you feel? How do you think it makes Justin Timberlake feel? That is all.


N.W.A. founder Eazy-E died due to complications from AIDS, ten days after an official diagnosis in L.A. He was 31-years-young. In the drama spirit of thuggery that incited a Dr. Dre feud, let us spin back to Eazy’s solo response to The Chronic, 1993’s last album before his death, It’s On (Dr. Dre) 187um Killa and the hilarious middle-finger that is “It’s On,” Eazy deliberating:

I tell ’em bow wow wow, yippie yo yippie yeah
Suck on these nuts nigga suck on these nuts