The cover of Ted Nugent’s ‘Cat Scratch Fever’; Photo: Epic

Citing lack of fortitude amongst his virgin band, The Amboy Dukes, Ted Nugent disappeared into the Colorado wilderness in the summer of 1974 to recollect his gun-toting, animal-destroying self, emerging on this day of the same year to take out a squirrel with a bow-and-arrow from 150 yards at the U.S. National Squirrel-Shooting Archery Contest.

Yes there is such a heinous thing. And no they don’t have a website. But back to this Rocky IV of RAWK tale, The Nuge, reeling from his back-to-basics nature-gnar adventure proceeds to assemble a new band and record his first eponymous studio album, cutting one of the most badass guitar solos of all time on track one with, “Stranglehold,” mountain-lioning this existential verse into ear-holes.

Behold, the power of the Nuge! Before he got batshit insane:

Sometimes you wanna get higher

And sometimes you gotta start low

Some people think they gonna die someday

I got news ya never got to go old