Lady GaGa took some animated time off her Asian protest spotlight to cameo in an episode of The Simpsons over the weekend. Trained in to town to cheer up a depressed Lisa, the cartoon GaGa put on a show for a whole gaggle of Springfieldians, preaching a let-your-light shine, “Born This Way“-ish tune about monsters only needing “to love the monsters that they are,” complete with a Grammy suit that turns into a flaming bra, two of a total 18 costumes the show mockingly dressed her in over the course of the episode. Dig on a clip from Sunday’s airing below and enjoy the pop-culture bridge between lyric, toons and tuneage, while we take another moment to remind you of the flaming bra:

But every monster needs to find that secret deep inside
That transforms Dr. Jeckyl into sexy Mr. Hyde
All my monsters are beautiful
Disco Stu-tiful
Square Root-iful
Old Koot-iful