It’s not long into A$AP Rocky‘s newest single before he starts to celebrate his new found fame – and the three million dollar price tag he earned along with it. In fact, it’s the first line:

I said it must be ’cause a nigga got dough
Extraordinary swag and a mouth full of gold

Rocky’s reached the point in his career where concerns of selling out become prevalent. To put it crudely: can Rocky the one-percenter keep doing what Rocky the hood rich hustler did? From here on out every track Rocky puts out with RCA‘s backing is going to be a signpost for his future and the quality of his upcoming album LongLiveA$AP. But if “Goldie” is any example, A$AP will be going strong.

Rocky makes it evident in the first verse that nothing’s changed:

It’s just me, myself, and I and motherfuckas that I came with

If the video is any indication, Rocky’s going to use his riches to take his crew to Paris, buy gold-plated guns, top off his wardrobe with “red bottomed loafers just to compliment the mink,” and produce videos with straight-up nudity instead of the barely-blurred version of a few months ago. I guess no one should have worried about how he’d spend the money, given his lack of modesty:

You could call me Billy Gates, got a crib in every state
Man on the moon, got a condo out in space

But the glory of “Goldie” is that Rocky hasn’t changed. His absurd goals haven’t quite been tamed by his new bosses:

And I’m so ’bout it ’bout it I might roll up in a tank

As an indication of the future, “Goldie” makes it obvious that even with the smoother production, Rocky’s going to do things his way. He’s still going to wear hats with puns combining high end fashion designers and the word ‘fuck’. The rap game may just be at the mercy of the A$AP mob:

Niggas talk shit ’til they get lockjaw
Chrome to ya dome ’til you get glockjaw
Party like a cowboy or a rock star
Everybody play the tough guy ’til shit pop off