Why Seattle-area high-school student Jessica Lee has won the cool side of the internet for her chemical-code Biggie prank is an exercise in social cred. For a girl clever enough to string together a hustler message in nerd disguise, you’d think she maybe would have picked a more pro-woman statement, rather than a misogynistic catch-all backboned on fake values. Or as our favorite Reddit-er put it: “Disregard females, acquire currency.” Then again, kids will be kids, the periodic table will be forever fun to misuse and Mr. Smalls could have been advocating the appropriation of the female desire, among many other things possibly even empowering – i.e. ‘screw desire altogether, get respect’. So goes another fun adventure in lyrical analysis. Bigger than Biggie thread here – how would you one-up Miss Lee with a different lyric code?

(F) flourine (U) uranium (C) carbon (K) potassium (Bi) bismuth (Tc) technetium (He) helium (S) sulfur (Ge) germanium (Tm) thulium (O) oxygen (Ne) neon (Y) yttrium