RIFF’d: Red Hot Chili Peppers’ ‘The Getaway’

Through 10 albums, 30 years, and the process of losing John Frusciante twice, RHCP has gradually morphed from at least semi-dangerous, sex-funk rap-rockers that borrowed plentifully from Faith no More to a Californicated punchline. Even Stadium Arcadium apologists […]

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RIFF’D: Ariana Grande’s ‘Dangerous Woman’

When you think about what it means to be dangerous (at least by pop standards) several things come to mind: edgy, revolutionary, unapologetic. A person who will lay a hammer to status quo and not […]

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RIFF’d: Radiohead’s ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’

Radiohead’s never made a dud, but it’s still been tough for them to truly keep our attention since the groundbreaking Kid A. Over time, pairing the seriousness of Thom Yorke’s sarcastic social commentary and harsh, […]

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RIFF’D: Homeboy Sandman’s ‘Kindness For Weakness’

Homeboy Sandman is someone you want to root for. He’s got a great work ethic, he’s not afraid of the big stage, and he has a pedigree that any hip-hop fan can appreciate. Add a […]

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RIFF’D: A$AP Ferg’s ‘Always Strive and Prosper

A$AP Ferg‘s sophomore album Always Strive and Prosper is a vast departure from his debut Trap Lord. It has him expanding upon personal narratives in ways that reflect a supreme confidence in both himself and his […]

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RIFF’D: Aesop Rock’s ‘The Impossible Kid’

Aesop Rock is as animated as they come, almost on the verge of being verbose. His latest album The Impossible Kid represents an important shift in perspective; it’s the most straightforward and transparent he’s ever been, analyzing everything […]

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RIFF’D: J Dilla’s ‘The Diary’

J-Dilla‘s posthumous album The Diary is not what you think; it’s not a long lost beat tape and it’s not a traditional full length. It’s a collection of songs that he had intended to release […]

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RIFF’D: Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals’ ‘Call it What it Is’

Ben Harper is the diner food of pop music; offers a little bit of everything, but isn’t particular good at any one thing. For his 13th studio album Call It What It Is he takes his […]

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RIFF’D: Charles Bradley’s ‘Changes’

Charles Bradley is an old soul trying to navigate his way through a new unforgiving landscape. Ten years ago he might have been shunned, but thanks to Daptone and its work with Sharon Jones and Lee Fields […]

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RIFF’D: Kanye West’s ‘The Life of Pablo’

Kanye West‘s seventh studio album The Life of Pablo is exactly what the world was expecting, an overblown spectacle that is at best substandard. All the events leading up to the release reflected that his […]

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