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RIFF’d: Rick Ross’ ‘Rather You Than Me’

With his ninth effort, Rather You Than Me, Rick Ross has revealed yet another telling chapter in his growing legacy. After several health scares, some of which put his life at serious risk, he adopted a […]

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RIFF’d: The Shins’ ‘Heartworms’

The Shins aren’t the type to rush inspiration, and for their fifth studio album Heartworms they take essentially the same approach; slowly crafting a narrative that says a lot without revealing too much. The biggest […]

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RIFF’d: Dirty Projectors’ ‘Dirty Projectors’

After a five-year hiatus, the Dirty Projectors return with their most heartbreaking album yet. There is no mincing words on their self-titled project, it is a self-analytical piece inspired exclusively by the break-up and recovery process. […]

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RIFF’d: Jens Lekmen’s ‘Life Will See You Now’

Jens Lekman‘s fourth studio album Life Will See You Now is a lesson in humility. He’s an atypical pop star, and isn’t afraid to be as odd and vulnerable as he wants to be. It’s a […]

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RIFF’d: Lupe Fiasco’s ‘DROGAS Light’

Despite threats of retirement, Chicago’s prodigal son Lupe Fiasco returns with his sixth studio album Drogas Light. It is the first in a trilogy of albums, and is admittedly not comprised of new material. That […]

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RIFF’d: Big Sean’s ‘I Decide’

Big Sean‘s fourth studio album I Decided, is one man’s transformation from wide-eyed greenhorn to young man on the brink of maturity, a creative coming-of-age story that most rapper’s never get to see. Big Sean made it […]

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RIFF’d: Bell Biv DeVoe’s ‘Three Stripes’

After 16 long years Bell Biv DeVoe make a not-so-triumphant return with a new studio album Three Stripes. It comes at the heels of a lauded BET profile of New Edition, which in the end […]

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RIFF’d: Foxygen’s ‘Hang’

Foxygen‘s fifth studio album Hang plays out like a soundtrack to a movie that not only doesn’t exist, but one that no one wants to see made. From beginning to end it is weighed down […]

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RIFF’d: The xx’s ‘I See You’

The xx‘s third studio album I See You is an ambitious and dogged march towards liberation. All that has hampered them since becoming international pop stars airs out in ten masterfully crafted songs. They embrace everything […]

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RIFF’d: J. Cole’s ‘4 Your Eyez Only’

J. Cole‘s fourth studio album 4 Your Eyez Only is mired in anxiety and apprehension. A project that presents more questions than answers. Gone are the nostalgic moments of yesteryear, in its place, the grim […]

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