Casey Moeckel

Record Store Day: 2012 Edition

“The indie record shop is a global institution. It’s a place that reflects history, the current state, and at times, can predict the future. Identities are formed and molded at record shops when one discovers […]

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Album Review: Alabama Shakes – ‘Boys & Girls’

It speaks volumes for the Alabama Shakes that after months of wildfire-like buzz (thanks to some stellar YouTube videos capturing the band’s electric live performances, an early plug over at Aquarium Drunkard, and successful appearances at such badass […]

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Songs For a Little Spring Fever

Spring is here! And with the arrival of that glorious season (and even better weather) comes the wearing of sandals, MLB baseball, unrelenting allergies, and of course, Spring fever. That’s right: it’s adult time here […]

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Song Review: Tyga’s ‘Rack City’

I get that misogyny exists in our society. And being one with the lady parts, I am very sensitive to this fact. It’s a sad reality, but I deal with and fight against it as […]

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Resolution: Cardio and Running Reluctantly

I hate running. That point cannot be emphasized enough. But I do it for two reasons: 1) to take care of my heart by doing some cardio exercise and 2) I want to be prepared […]

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Album Review: Bruce Springsteen – ‘Wrecking Ball’

“The great challenge of adulthood is holding on to your idealism, after you lose your innocence” – Bruce Springsteen  Springsteen’s albums have always been reflective not only of his current emotional state and whatever demons […]

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Song Review: Chris Brown feat. Kevin K-MAC McCall – “Strip”

I’m a chick. A dame. One with the lady parts. So naturally, when I go to a party with a bunch of my girlfriends, I arrive wearing nothing but my finest lingerie and my highest […]

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Spotlight: Alabama Shakes

A great man once said that, “[in rock ‘n’ roll] you need that ever-present now, that is part of grabbing life by the horns …[it’s what] people come to rock shows for. But there’s also […]

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Album Review: Heartless Bastards – ‘Arrow’

Ever since the Heartless Bastards** broke onto the scene in 2005 with their punch-packing debut album, Stairs and Elevators, they have been on the radar of every music industry insider, good music appreciator, and insufferable indie […]

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Coverland: The Best Bruce Springsteen Cover Songs

“Tonight I’m going to play a few songs and try to give you an idea about where they came from. It’s kind of an iffy proposition because talking about music is like talking about sex. […]

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Casey Moeckel is a Los Angeles-based staff writer for SongLyrics. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from NYU, Tisch School of the Arts and has written everything from political satire and screenplays, to food & travel pieces published with NYCMagazine.com.