Do you like to be one step ahead when it comes to new music? We here at SongLyrics do too, so much so we have decided to compile a list of 15 exciting new artists you’ve (probably) never heard of. From punk to pop to hip hop, there is a guaranteed discovery waiting here for you…check it out!

1. Iceage

Ice Age Lyrics

Danish teenagers, Iceage, are the latest outfit to be hailed as “the saviors of punk”. While we think this statement is a little ‘out there’, Iceage’s debut LP, New Brigade (released earlier this year on What’s Your Rupture Records), is a wild and rapid journey through an energetic teen’s Ian Curtis/hardcore-obsessed mindset.

Notable lyrics from “White Rune

White runes lies in deathbeds,
And deathbed writes in white runes.
I am white rune.

2. TEETH!!!

Teeth Lyrics

TEETH!!! are ready and waiting to take a bite out of the electronica scene with their extremely-insistent synths. Despite the London band’s initially abrasive sonics (which have unsurprisingly drawn comparisons with Crystal Castles), TEETH!!! also channel a softer side which shimmers quite delightfully with fun, dance-led beats.

3. Mellowhype

Mellowhype Lyrics

In between working with hooligans of hip hop, California’s Odd Future, Hodgy Beats and Left Brain dabble with their darker side project, Mellowhype. Mixing Left Brain’s claustrophobic, crunchy (yet oddly minimalist) production with Hodgy Beat’s plummeting, angry rap, Mellowhype look set to cause just as much hullabaloo as fellow Odd Future band mate, Tyler the Creator.

Notable lyrics from “64

Knock, knock! Delivery, I’m the rhetorician.
Body decomposition, ripping through your rhythm.
I suggest you stop and listen to this non-prescription.
F*ck your contradiction, this my composition.

4. Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey, aka Lizzy Grant, is a doe-eyed darling who looks as if she has just stepped foot from the 1950s. On first listen, Lizzy’s music appears similarly nostalgic, with her sultry, soulful voice wrapping around gloomy ballads with diva prowess. Layers soon dissolve away, however, to reveal a much more sinister sound which oozes with an off kilter, hip hop attitude. The New Yorker has personally labelled herself a “gangster Nancy Sinatra” and to be frank, we couldn’t have put it more perfectly.

Notable lyrics from “Video Games

It’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you,
Everything I do,
I tell you all the time,
Heaven is a place on earth with you,
Tell me all the things you want to do.
I heard that you like the bad girls,
Honey, is that true?

5. Icona Pop

Icona Pop Lyrics

Stockholm’s Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo are the masterminds behind up and coming synth band, Icona Pop. This duo are predicated to rip the music scene apart with their effortless tunes, which drop so many damn hooks it is simply impossible to not get attached. Plus, they are from Sweden, aka the epicentre of pop (and home to Abba), so did you really expect any less?

Notable lyrics from “Manners

Take a second look and you’ll see,
There is no one like me.
You better reconsider,
Cause you will never do better.

6. Gauntlet Hair

Gauntlet Hair Lyrics

Denver duo, Gauntlet Hairfirst started making waves in 2010, after their sundrenched slices of noise-pop ricocheted around the blogosphere at the height of the echo chamber-lovin’ chill wave. Effortlessly constructing a mighty wall of sound with their fuzz guitars and fluid vocals, watch out for Andy R. and Craig Nice’s self-titled debut, which is due to hit in October.

7. Grouplove

Group Love Lyrics

Grouplove are one of those bands you need to spin on a gloomy day when in need of a serious hug. Allow the happy-clappy arms of this American archetypal indie band to cuddle tight around you. Medicinal bright guitars, skippy percussion, quirky girl-boy vox and big, fat sing-along choruses—Grouplove can do nothing but warm the soul.

Notable lyrics from “Colours

So I pull the switch, the switch, the switch inside my head,
And I see black, black, green and brown, brown, brown and blue, yellow, violets, red.
And suddenly a light appears inside my brain,
And I think of my ways, I think of my days and know that I have changed.

8. Willy Moon

Willy Moon Lyrics

We have already mentioned 50s-fashionista, Lana Del Rey, and now we introduce you to perhaps what can be considered her male counterpart, Willy Moon. This slick haired, snappy dressed New Zealander brings to mind Bo Diddley, only had Timbaland got his hands on him.

9. Dirty Beaches

Dirty Beaches Lyrics

Taiwan born Alex Zhang Hungtai is the mastermind behind Dirty Beaches. Hungtai channels forth—a lo-fi, lip-curling Orbison/Presley who has been dragged through some very dark, grimy alleyways—ala a modern day Cramps. Glamorously sombre, totally atmospheric, check out Dirty Beaches psychobillic’ debut LP, Badlands.

Notable lyrics from “Lord Knows Best

I’ve traveled through the streets,
And I’ve walked through the valleys
The Lord knows best that I
Don’t give a damn about anyone but you

10. Gross Magic

Gross Magic Lyrics

Despite what those shrill pipes may suggest, we can assure you that the being behind Gross Magicis wholly male. In fact, Brighton-based Sam McGarrigle looks set to be the latest quirk sensation to steal Ariel Pink’s sequin-encrusted crown. Poppy, ELO-influenced tunes, cheesy lo-fi synths, sometimes mixed amongst grunge drones, Gross Magic’s debut EP, Teen Jamz is out now.

11. Male Bonding

Male Bonding Lyrics

Despite hailing from London, Male Bonding’s music remains cemented in the American guitar scuzz of the 1990s (I’m talking everyone from Dinosaur Jr, Nirvana to Weezer here). Like No Age? A fan Wavves? Then make sure to check out the speedy, tight shots from this snotty noise-pop trio.

Notable lyrics from “Bones

Fears locked inside, don’t get out alive.
You feel like you fell on, a spot in my mind.
You can’t understand my fear is alright,
But all I came in for falling for you.
The thoughts, I won’t feel alike,
And now, just memories, and burning inside.

12. Big Deal

Big Deal Lyrics

UK’s Kacey Underwood and Alice Costelloe are the duo behind the dainty sonics of Big Deal. Strummy acoustics (sometimes clammy electrics) combined with whimsical vocals, Big Deal weave intimate and emotional songs which sound as if they are being played personally for you and you only.

13. Oh Land

Oh Land Lyrics

Lykke Li had better watch her back. Danish artist Nanna Øland Fabricius, aka Oh Land, is creeping up behind her pretty quickly. Lush soundscapes built up using crystalline synths, fierce percussion, and fairytail vocals, this girl’s gleaming music is simply irresistible.

Notable lyrics from “Sun of a Gun

Birds sing for you,
You can make the blue sky blush.
You’ve got them all fooled,
But I am burned out on this rush.

14. Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Ruban Neilson is the second Kiwi to feature on today’s list. Much like Willy Moon, this New Zealander also takes his tips from LPs of old, however, rather than stick to the black and white of the 50s, Neilson’s garage-funk nods to everyone from Captain Beefheart to Prince, with some added Paul McCartney rasp for good measure.

Notable lyrics from “Ffunny Ffrends

Don’t Be Surprised If We
Shine as Big White
Well Love is Much More Than Good Advice

Woo Ooo Ooo

15. Echo Lake

Echo Lake Lyrics

We complete today’s list with London’s Echo Lake. This ethereal indie band create eerie music which brings to mind the plummeting shoegaze murmur of My Bloody Valentine. With the dreamy, distant vocals of Linda Jarvis dancing beneath the conquering guitars, this psychedelic band walk a fine line between ambience and insanity.

Buried At Sea by Echo Lake