“Time and time again we’ve seen bands with an interesting or mysterious background help bring them to fame (The Weeknd or WU LYF come to mind, for example), but, really, this is a music business, and the music should really do most of the talking. French Wives hail from Glasgow, Scotland and wish they had an interesting back-story as to how the band formed. Instead, they’ve got some great tunes to serve as their introduction.

The five members of the Scottish band (Siobhan Anderson on violin/vocals, Christ Barclay on bass/vocals, Stuart Dougan on vocals/guitar, Scott Macpherson on guitar/vocals and Jonny Smith on drums) met through ads and mutual connections and, despite doubts as to whether there different musical styles would mesh, began making music a couple of years ago. […]”

Check out “[Introducing] – French Wives”, as presented by the people at Listen Before You Buy.

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