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Haindling is a Bavarian cult band, founded by Hans-Jürgen Buchner in 1982. The band is specialized in Bavarian world music which is mixed with all kinds of different musical styles such as pop, rock, folk, ambient, jazz and classical music. Most of the songs are written in Bavarian language and Haindling is famous for its instrumentals and film scores which were composed by Hans-Jürgen Buchner. The name of the band derives from the small village Haindling within the town of Geiselhöring in Lower Bavaria were Hans-Jürgen Buchner resides in an old inn.

They've made many songs for TV-series and theatrical movies like: Irgendwie und Sowieso, "Zur Freiheit", 'Cafe Meineid`"Der Kaiser von Schexing", "Der Schandfleck", "Bavaria", "Margarete Steiff", many more.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haindling

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