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Genre: Electronic

Dale Bio

Dale Bozzio (born Dale Frances Consalvi on March 2, 1955), Boston Massachusetts, is an American musician and former Playboy Bunny. She became famous as the lead singer for the 1980s pop/new wave band Missing Persons.

In the 1970s, Dale worked as a Bunny at a Playboy Club in Boston, later appearing in Playboy magazine in 1976 (not as a Playmate) under the name Toni Consalvi. As a musician, she worked with Frank Zappa a number of times, providing vocals on (among others) Zappa's famous album Joe's Garage. During her work with Zappa, she met future husband Terry Bozzio in 1976. They married in 1979, and the two of them founded Missing Persons with Zappa touring guitarist Warren Cuccurullo in 1980.

Dale's solo album Riot In English was released on January 1, 1988 on Prince's Paisley Park Records. The lead single "Simon Simon" was a Top 40 dance hit and was also a crossover hit in Europe. The 2nd single, "Riot In English" did not chart.

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