Cliff Richard - Miscellaneous Album

Artist: Cliff Richard

Genre: Folk

Album: Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous Lyrics Cliff Richard
1 I Love
2 Young Love
3 You Move Heaven
4 You Know That I Love You
5 Yesterday, Today, Forever
6 Wired For Sound
7 Wind Me Up (Let Me Go)
8 Will You Love Me Tomorrow
9 Wild Geese
10 Wide Open Space
11 Who's In Love
12 White Christmas
13 While She's Young
14 Where You Are
15 Where Do We Go From Here
16 When You Thought Of Me
17 When Two Worlds Drift Apart
18 We Should Be Together
19 You've Got Me Wondering
20 You've Got To Give Me All Your Lovin'
21 I Could Easily Fall In Love With You
22 Hope Set High
23 Hope, Faith & You
24 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlmen
25 Fighter/Thief In The Night
26 Everything I Do (I Do It For You)
27 Butterfly Kisses
28 Bright Eyes
29 And I Love Her
30 After This Love
31 It'll be me
32 Young Ones
33 Living Doll
34 Wenn du lachst, lacht das Glueck (Sally Sunshine)
35 Gut, dass es Freunde gibt (Power to all our friends)
36 All I Ask Of You
37 One Step Closer
38 Wenn Du Lachst, Lacht Das Glueck
39 Vision
40 Theme For A Dream
41 The Lord's Prayer
42 The Golden Days Are Over
43 The Gambling Song
44 The Christmas Song
45 The Best Of Me
46 Take Another Look
47 Summer Rain
48 Summer Holiday
49 Suddenly
50 Such Is A Mystery
51 Stronger Than That
52 Start All Over Again
53 Son Of The Thunder
54 Some People
55 Snowfall Of The Sahara
56 Small World
57 The Minute You're Gone
58 The Next Time
59 Venite (O Come All Ye Faithful)
60 Up In The World
61 Under The Gun
62 Under Lock And Key
63 Two Worlds
64 Two Hearts
65 Traveling Light
66 Tiny Planet
67 This New Year
68 Thief In The Night
69 The Young Ones
70 The Winner
71 The Water Is Wide
72 The Sleep Of The Good
73 There's More To Life
74 The Only Way Out
75 The Nightmare
76 Slow River
77 I Will Follow You
78 The Girl Can't Help It
79 How Did She Get Here
80 I Will Not Be A Mistake
81 Sunny Honey Girl
82 Willie & The Hand Jive
83 (It's) Wonderful To Be Young
84 Marianne
85 The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You)
86 More To Life
87 I Ain't Got Time Anymore
88 When The Girl In Your Arms Is The Girl In Your Heart
89 High Class Baby
90 Front Page
91 I Wake Up Cryin'
92 Quizas, Quizas, Quizas (Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps)
93 I'm No Hero
94 Even If It Breaks My Heart
95 Never Say Die (Give A Little Bit More)
96 Thousand Miles To Go
97 Reflections
98 Nine Times Out Of Ten
99 I'll Love You Forever Today
100 A Matter Of Moments
101 Don't Forget To Catch Me
102 Simplicity
103 Field Of Love
104 Can't Keep This Feeling In
105 Tutti Frutti
106 Fall In Love With You
107 I Love You
108 We Say Yeah
109 Seven Days To A Holiday
110 Somethin' Is Goin' On
111 Wonderful Life
112 Sleep Of The Good
113 Always Guaranteed
114 Lessons In Love
115 When My Dream Boat Comes Home
116 I'm The Lonely One
117 Snowfall On The Sahara
118 She's So Beautiful
119 She Makes Me Feel Like A Man
120 She Loves You
121 Questions
122 Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World
123 Ragged
124 Once Upon A Time
125 On The Beach
126 My Pretty One
127 Moon river
128 Love On (Shine On)
129 Love Never Gives Up
130 Let The Flame Burn Brighter
131 Let Me Be The One
132 Larger Design
133 Just Don't Say Goodbye
134 Son Of Thunder
135 Such Is The Mystery
136 Blue Suede Shoes
137 Goodbye Sam - Hello Samantha
138 It's All Over
139 Slow Rivers
140 Dreaming
141 The Night
142 She Is So Beautiful
143 Right Here Waiting
144 You've Got A Friend
145 With The Eyes Of A Child
146 Where There Are Horses
147 We Being Many
148 True Love Ways
149 Till I'm Home Again
150 There's No Power In Pity
151 The Miracle
152 That's What Love Is For
153 It's In Every One Of Us
154 I Can't Ask For Anymore Than You
155 Give A Little Bit More
156 Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon
157 Galadriel (spirit Of Starlight)
158 From A Distance
159 Free My Soul
160 Forever You Will Be Mine
161 Flying Machine
162 First Date
163 Fighter
164 Fallin' In Luv
165 Everyman
166 Every Face Tells A Story
167 Everybody Knows
168 Evergreen Tree
169 Ease Along
170 Each To His Own
171 Dynamite
172 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
173 Great Balls Of Fire
174 Human Work Of Art
175 Hot Shot
176 Hold Us Together
177 Hold On
178 His Land
179 Higher Ground
180 Hey Mr. Dream Maker
181 Here (So Doggone Blue)
182 Help It Along
183 Heart User
184 Healing Love
185 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
186 Handle My Heart With Love
187 Had To Be
188 Gypsy Bundle
189 Gut, Dass Es Freunde Gibt
190 Green Light
191 Dream Tomorrow
192 Dreamin'
193 Blue Turns To Grey
194 Blueberry Hill
195 Be With Me Always
196 Better Than I Know Myself
197 Better Day
198 Be In My Heart
199 Be Bop A Lu La
200 Bachelor Boy
201 Baby You're Dynamite
202 A Voice In The Wilderness
203 Anything I Can Do
204 A Misunderstood Man
205 Amazing Grace
206 All The Time You Need
207 All That Matters
208 All My Love
209 A Heart Will Break
210 Broken Doll
211 Brother To Brother
212 Donna
213 Doing Fine
214 Discovering
215 Devil Woman
216 Daddy's Home
217 Count Me Out
218 'cos I Love That Rock'n'roll
219 Congratulations
220 Climbing Up Mount Everest
221 Clear Blue Skies
222 Cities May Fall
223 Christmas Never Comes
224 Christmas Alphabet
225 Choosing (when It's Too Late)
226 Can't Take The Hurt Anymore
227 Can't Keep This Feelin In
228 Burn On
229 A Girl Like You
230 Ich Traeume Deine Traeume
231 Silver's Home Tonight
232 Please Remember Me
233 Please Don't Fall In Love
234 Peace In Our Time
235 Over You
236 Only Angel
237 Once In A While
238 Oh No, Don't Let Go
239 Ocean Deep
240 Now You See Me, Now You Don't
241 November Night
242 No Power In Pity
243 Never Say Die
244 Never Let Go
245 Never Even Thought
246 Never Be Anyone Else But You
247 My Luck Won't Change
248 My Kinda Life
249 Power To All Our Friends
250 Real As I Wanna Be
251 Silhouettes
252 Silent Night
253 Shooting From The Heart
254 Shine, Jesus, Shine
255 She's A Gipsy
256 She Means Nothing To Me
257 She Make Me Feel Like A Man
258 Share A Dream
259 Sci-Fi
260 Scarlet Ribbons
261 Say You Don't Mind
262 Saviour's Day
263 Sag 'no' Zu Ihm
264 Rock 'N' Roll Juvenile
265 Reunion Of The Heart
266 Remember Me
267 Remember
268 Mr. Businessman
269 Moving In
270 La Gonave
271 Keep Me Warm
272 Just Don't Have The Heart
273 Junior Cowboy
274 Joanna
275 I Wish You'd Change Your Mind
276 I Wake Up Crying
277 It's No Use Pretending
278 It's Alright Now
279 It'll Be Me Babe
280 It Has To Be You, It Has To Be Me
281 I Still Believe In You
282 In The Night
283 I Need Love
284 I'm Not Hero
285 I'll Follow You
286 If You Work Away
287 Language Of Love
288 Lean On You
289 Monday Thru' Friday
290 Mistletoe And Wine
291 Marked With Death
292 Makin' History
293 Lucky Lips
294 Lucille
295 Love Stealer
296 Love's Salvation
297 Lovers And Friends
298 Lovers
299 Love Is The Strongest Emotion
300 Lost In A Lonely World
301 Locked Inside Your Prison
302 Little Town
303 Little Mistreater
304 Little Bitty Pretty One
305 Learning How To Rock'n'roll
306 I Do Not Love You Isabella
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Cliff Richard - Miscellaneous Album Lyrics
1.I Love Lyrics
2.Young Love Lyrics
3.You Move Heaven Lyrics
4.You Know That I Love You Lyrics
5.Yesterday, Today, Forever Lyrics
6.Wired For Sound Lyrics
7.Wind Me Up (Let Me Go) Lyrics
8.Will You Love Me Tomorrow Lyrics
9.Wild Geese Lyrics
10.Wide Open Space Lyrics
11.Who's In Love Lyrics
12.White Christmas Lyrics
13.While She's Young Lyrics
14.Where You Are Lyrics
15.Where Do We Go From Here Lyrics
16.When You Thought Of Me Lyrics
17.When Two Worlds Drift Apart Lyrics
18.We Should Be Together Lyrics
19.You've Got Me Wondering Lyrics
20.You've Got To Give Me All Your Lovin' Lyrics
21.I Could Easily Fall In Love With You Lyrics
22.Hope Set High Lyrics
23.Hope, Faith & You Lyrics
24.God Rest Ye Merry Gentlmen Lyrics
25.Fighter/Thief In The Night Lyrics
26.Everything I Do (I Do It For You) Lyrics
27.Butterfly Kisses Lyrics
28.Bright Eyes Lyrics
29.And I Love Her Lyrics
30.After This Love Lyrics
31.It'll be me Lyrics
32.Young Ones Lyrics
33.Living Doll Lyrics
34.Wenn du lachst, lacht das Glueck (Sally Sunshine) Lyrics
35.Gut, dass es Freunde gibt (Power to all our friends) Lyrics
36.All I Ask Of You Lyrics
37.One Step Closer Lyrics
38.Wenn Du Lachst, Lacht Das Glueck Lyrics
39.Vision Lyrics
40.Theme For A Dream Lyrics
41.The Lord's Prayer Lyrics
42.The Golden Days Are Over Lyrics
43.The Gambling Song Lyrics
44.The Christmas Song Lyrics
45.The Best Of Me Lyrics
46.Take Another Look Lyrics
47.Summer Rain Lyrics
48.Summer Holiday Lyrics
49.Suddenly Lyrics
50.Such Is A Mystery Lyrics
51.Stronger Than That Lyrics
52.Start All Over Again Lyrics
53.Son Of The Thunder Lyrics
54.Some People Lyrics
55.Snowfall Of The Sahara Lyrics
56.Small World Lyrics
57.The Minute You're Gone Lyrics
58.The Next Time Lyrics
59.Venite (O Come All Ye Faithful) Lyrics
60.Up In The World Lyrics
61.Under The Gun Lyrics
62.Under Lock And Key Lyrics
63.Two Worlds Lyrics
64.Two Hearts Lyrics
65.Traveling Light Lyrics
66.Tiny Planet Lyrics
67.This New Year Lyrics
68.Thief In The Night Lyrics
69.The Young Ones Lyrics
70.The Winner Lyrics
71.The Water Is Wide Lyrics
72.The Sleep Of The Good Lyrics
73.There's More To Life Lyrics
74.The Only Way Out Lyrics
75.The Nightmare Lyrics
76.Slow River Lyrics
77.I Will Follow You Lyrics
78.The Girl Can't Help It Lyrics
79.How Did She Get Here Lyrics
80.I Will Not Be A Mistake Lyrics
81.Sunny Honey Girl Lyrics
82.Willie & The Hand Jive Lyrics
83.(It's) Wonderful To Be Young Lyrics
84.Marianne Lyrics
85.The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You) Lyrics
86.More To Life Lyrics
87.I Ain't Got Time Anymore Lyrics
88.When The Girl In Your Arms Is The Girl In Your Heart Lyrics
89.High Class Baby Lyrics
90.Front Page Lyrics
91.I Wake Up Cryin' Lyrics
92.Quizas, Quizas, Quizas (Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps) Lyrics
93.I'm No Hero Lyrics
94.Even If It Breaks My Heart Lyrics
95.Never Say Die (Give A Little Bit More) Lyrics
96.Thousand Miles To Go Lyrics
97.Reflections Lyrics
98.Nine Times Out Of Ten Lyrics
99.I'll Love You Forever Today Lyrics
100.A Matter Of Moments Lyrics
101.Don't Forget To Catch Me Lyrics
102.Simplicity Lyrics
103.Field Of Love Lyrics
104.Can't Keep This Feeling In Lyrics
105.Tutti Frutti Lyrics
106.Fall In Love With You Lyrics
107.I Love You Lyrics
108.We Say Yeah Lyrics
109.Seven Days To A Holiday Lyrics
110.Somethin' Is Goin' On Lyrics
111.Wonderful Life Lyrics
112.Sleep Of The Good Lyrics
113.Always Guaranteed Lyrics
114.Lessons In Love Lyrics
115.When My Dream Boat Comes Home Lyrics
116.I'm The Lonely One Lyrics
117.Snowfall On The Sahara Lyrics
118.She's So Beautiful Lyrics
119.She Makes Me Feel Like A Man Lyrics
120.She Loves You Lyrics
121.Questions Lyrics
122.Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World Lyrics
123.Ragged Lyrics
124.Once Upon A Time Lyrics
125.On The Beach Lyrics
126.My Pretty One Lyrics
127.Moon river Lyrics
128.Love On (Shine On) Lyrics
129.Love Never Gives Up Lyrics
130.Let The Flame Burn Brighter Lyrics
131.Let Me Be The One Lyrics
132.Larger Design Lyrics
133.Just Don't Say Goodbye Lyrics
134.Son Of Thunder Lyrics
135.Such Is The Mystery Lyrics
136.Blue Suede Shoes Lyrics
137.Goodbye Sam - Hello Samantha Lyrics
138.It's All Over Lyrics
139.Slow Rivers Lyrics
140.Dreaming Lyrics
141.The Night Lyrics
142.She Is So Beautiful Lyrics
143.Right Here Waiting Lyrics
144.You've Got A Friend Lyrics
145.With The Eyes Of A Child Lyrics
146.Where There Are Horses Lyrics
147.We Being Many Lyrics
148.True Love Ways Lyrics
149.Till I'm Home Again Lyrics
150.There's No Power In Pity Lyrics
151.The Miracle Lyrics
152.That's What Love Is For Lyrics
153.It's In Every One Of Us Lyrics
154.I Can't Ask For Anymore Than You Lyrics
155.Give A Little Bit More Lyrics
156.Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon Lyrics
157.Galadriel (spirit Of Starlight) Lyrics
158.From A Distance Lyrics
159.Free My Soul Lyrics
160.Forever You Will Be Mine Lyrics
161.Flying Machine Lyrics
162.First Date Lyrics
163.Fighter Lyrics
164.Fallin' In Luv Lyrics
165.Everyman Lyrics
166.Every Face Tells A Story Lyrics
167.Everybody Knows Lyrics
168.Evergreen Tree Lyrics
169.Ease Along Lyrics
170.Each To His Own Lyrics
171.Dynamite Lyrics
172.God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Lyrics
173.Great Balls Of Fire Lyrics
174.Human Work Of Art Lyrics
175.Hot Shot Lyrics
176.Hold Us Together Lyrics
177.Hold On Lyrics
178.His Land Lyrics
179.Higher Ground Lyrics
180.Hey Mr. Dream Maker Lyrics
181.Here (So Doggone Blue) Lyrics
182.Help It Along Lyrics
183.Heart User Lyrics
184.Healing Love Lyrics
185.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Lyrics
186.Handle My Heart With Love Lyrics
187.Had To Be Lyrics
188.Gypsy Bundle Lyrics
189.Gut, Dass Es Freunde Gibt Lyrics
190.Green Light Lyrics
191.Dream Tomorrow Lyrics
192.Dreamin' Lyrics
193.Blue Turns To Grey Lyrics
194.Blueberry Hill Lyrics
195.Be With Me Always Lyrics
196.Better Than I Know Myself Lyrics
197.Better Day Lyrics
198.Be In My Heart Lyrics
199.Be Bop A Lu La Lyrics
200.Bachelor Boy Lyrics
201.Baby You're Dynamite Lyrics
202.A Voice In The Wilderness Lyrics
203.Anything I Can Do Lyrics
204.A Misunderstood Man Lyrics
205.Amazing Grace Lyrics
206.All The Time You Need Lyrics
207.All That Matters Lyrics
208.All My Love Lyrics
209.A Heart Will Break Lyrics
210.Broken Doll Lyrics
211.Brother To Brother Lyrics
212.Donna Lyrics
213.Doing Fine Lyrics
214.Discovering Lyrics
215.Devil Woman Lyrics
216.Daddy's Home Lyrics
217.Count Me Out Lyrics
218.'cos I Love That Rock'n'roll Lyrics
219.Congratulations Lyrics
220.Climbing Up Mount Everest Lyrics
221.Clear Blue Skies Lyrics
222.Cities May Fall Lyrics
223.Christmas Never Comes Lyrics
224.Christmas Alphabet Lyrics
225.Choosing (when It's Too Late) Lyrics
226.Can't Take The Hurt Anymore Lyrics
227.Can't Keep This Feelin In Lyrics
228.Burn On Lyrics
229.A Girl Like You Lyrics
230.Ich Traeume Deine Traeume Lyrics
231.Silver's Home Tonight Lyrics
232.Please Remember Me Lyrics
233.Please Don't Fall In Love Lyrics
234.Peace In Our Time Lyrics
235.Over You Lyrics
236.Only Angel Lyrics
237.Once In A While Lyrics
238.Oh No, Don't Let Go Lyrics
239.Ocean Deep Lyrics
240.Now You See Me, Now You Don't Lyrics
241.November Night Lyrics
242.No Power In Pity Lyrics
243.Never Say Die Lyrics
244.Never Let Go Lyrics
245.Never Even Thought Lyrics
246.Never Be Anyone Else But You Lyrics
247.My Luck Won't Change Lyrics
248.My Kinda Life Lyrics
249.Power To All Our Friends Lyrics
250.Real As I Wanna Be Lyrics
251.Silhouettes Lyrics
252.Silent Night Lyrics
253.Shooting From The Heart Lyrics
254.Shine, Jesus, Shine Lyrics
255.She's A Gipsy Lyrics
256.She Means Nothing To Me Lyrics
257.She Make Me Feel Like A Man Lyrics
258.Share A Dream Lyrics
259.Sci-Fi Lyrics
260.Scarlet Ribbons Lyrics
261.Say You Don't Mind Lyrics
262.Saviour's Day Lyrics
263.Sag 'no' Zu Ihm Lyrics
264.Rock 'N' Roll Juvenile Lyrics
265.Reunion Of The Heart Lyrics
266.Remember Me Lyrics
267.Remember Lyrics
268.Mr. Businessman Lyrics
269.Moving In Lyrics
270.La Gonave Lyrics
271.Keep Me Warm Lyrics
272.Just Don't Have The Heart Lyrics
273.Junior Cowboy Lyrics
274.Joanna Lyrics
275.I Wish You'd Change Your Mind Lyrics
276.I Wake Up Crying Lyrics
277.It's No Use Pretending Lyrics
278.It's Alright Now Lyrics
279.It'll Be Me Babe Lyrics
280.It Has To Be You, It Has To Be Me Lyrics
281.I Still Believe In You Lyrics
282.In The Night Lyrics
283.I Need Love Lyrics
284.I'm Not Hero Lyrics
285.I'll Follow You Lyrics
286.If You Work Away Lyrics
287.Language Of Love Lyrics
288.Lean On You Lyrics
289.Monday Thru' Friday Lyrics
290.Mistletoe And Wine Lyrics
291.Marked With Death Lyrics
292.Makin' History Lyrics
293.Lucky Lips Lyrics
294.Lucille Lyrics
295.Love Stealer Lyrics
296.Love's Salvation Lyrics
297.Lovers And Friends Lyrics
298.Lovers Lyrics
299.Love Is The Strongest Emotion Lyrics
300.Lost In A Lonely World Lyrics
301.Locked Inside Your Prison Lyrics
302.Little Town Lyrics
303.Little Mistreater Lyrics
304.Little Bitty Pretty One Lyrics
305.Learning How To Rock'n'roll Lyrics
306.I Do Not Love You Isabella Lyrics

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