Carnivore Song Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Carnivore Bio

Carnivore is a thrash metal band formed by Peter Steele (later of Type O Negative fame), and was formed out of the ruins of the Brooklyn hard rock group Fallout in 1982.

The band released two albums: Carnivore in January 1986 and Retaliation in September 1987. Soon after the second album was released, the band broke up and Peter Steele formed a new band called Subzero, which would later be renamed Type O Negative. According to the sleeve notes of the "Top Shelf Edition" of their second album, the first Type O Negative album, Slow Deep and Hard was composed largely from material originally written for Carnivore. Despite being disbanded for many years, the band has been reactivated on several occasions, including a brief tour in 1996 and a longer one (which included a European leg) in 2006-2007.

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