Zain Bhikha Lyrics

Zain Bhikha Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Give Thanks To Allah
2 A Child's Prayer - Voice Only (feat. Rashid Bhikha & Naadira Alli)
3 Heartbeat (Drum Version) [feat. Khalil Ismail & Rashid Bhikha]
4 Wedding Song
5 Which of Allah's Favours can we deny?
6 Who I Am (feat. Abdul Malik Ahmad)
7 Heart of a Muslim
8 My Mum is Amazing (feat. Naadira Alli)
9 One God (feat. Khalil Ismail)
10 Broken (Drum Version) [feat. Rashid Bhikha]
11 Glory Be to Allah (feat. Dawud Wharnsby Ali)
12 Forever (feat. Muhammad Bhikha)
13 Zamilooni
14 City of Medina
15 Pizza in his Pocket (feat. Rashid Bhikha & Naadira Alli)
16 Muhammad (P.B.U.H) [feat. Khalil Ismail]
17 Heal the World (Drum Version)
18 Allah Is Enough for Me
19 Spread the Word
20 You are very Special
21 Forgive Me When I Whine
22 Lay Down Your Head
23 Sizomkhonz U'Allah (feat. Masakhane Girls School)
24 Introduction (feat. Yusuf Islam)
25 Wonderful World (feat. Dawud Wharnsby Ali)
26 A Way of Life (Drum Version) [feat. Safiyya Beere]
27 The Prophet's Faithful Friend
28 Sabr and Shukr
29 Can't You See (feat. Rashid Bhikha & Abdul Malik Ahmad)
30 C'mon Everybody
31 Our World
32 I Won't Weep for You
33 25 Prophets (Drum Version)
34 Freedom Will Come (feat. Abdul Malik Ahmad, Khalil Ismail & Umar Abdullah)
35 Labbaik
36 Slowly Slow
37 Ellahi (feat. Fadi Tolbi)
38 Selawat (feat. Qatrunada)
39 Have You Heard?
40 When I Grow Up (Drum Version) [feat. Muhammad Bhikha & Safiyya Beere]
41 I Remember Your Smile
42 O'Lord
43 Can't Take it with You (feat. Dawud Wharnsby Ali & Abdul Malik Ahmad)
44 Guantanamo Bay (feat. Dawud Wharnsby)
45 Orphan Child
46 A Way of Life (feat. Safiyya Beere)
47 Cloud of Islam
48 Although I Never Saw His Face (Drum Version)
49 Mum and Dad (Voice Only)
50 Here I Am
51 Deen il Islam
52 Heartbeat (feat. Rashid Bhikha & Khalil Ismail)
53 We Are Your Servants (feat. Yusuf Islam & Faeeza Malinga)
54 25 Prophets
55 Wedding Song (Remix)
56 Turn to Allah (Drum Version) [feat. Salma Vallee & Muhammad Bhikha]
57 Jashne Aamade Rasul (feat. Hussain)
58 Shaitaan
59 A Child's Prayer (feat. Rashid Bhikha & Naadira Alli)
60 Flowers Are Red - Voice Only (Dawud Wharnsby & Muhammad Bhikha)
61 Thula Sizwe
62 Prayers On Ibrahim
63 When I Grow Up (feat. Muhammad Bhikha & Safiyya Beere)
64 Lord of All the Worlds
65 Give Thanks to Allah (Drum Version)
66 Peace Train (Voice Only)
67 The Journey
68 My Mum is Amazing - Voice Only (feat. Naadira Alli)
69 Broken (feat. Rashid Bhikha)
70 Demedim Mi (feat. Hasan Kilicatan)
71 Althought I Never Saw His Face
72 A Is for Allah
73 I am a Muslim (Drum Version) [feat. Safiyya Beere]
74 Zamilooni (Voice Only)
75 Mountains of Makkah- Voice Only
76 Pizza in his Pocket - Voice Only (feat. Rashid Bhikha & Naadira Alli)
77 Heal the World
78 Salamun Salam (feat. Khalid Belrhouzi)
79 Turn to Allah (feat. Salma Vallee & Muhammad Bhikha)
80 Where We Belong
81 Eid-un Sa'Eid (Drum Version)
82 The Prophet's Faithful Friend (Voice Only)
83 Heart of a Muslim- Voice Only
84 Lay Down Your Head - Voice Only
85 The Woman I Love
86 Months In Islam (feat. Rashid Bhikha)
87 Muslim School Anthem (feat. Zakiyya Mohamed & Tasmiyah Gani)
88 Mum and Dad
89 Which of Allah's Favours can we deny? (Drum Version)
90 I Remember Your Smile (Voice Only)
91 City of Medina- Voice Only
92 Can't You See - Voice Only (feat. Rashid Bhikha & Abdul Malik Ahmad)
93 First We Need the Love (feat. Rashid Bhikha)
94 Allah Hu Allah (feat. Hussain)
95 I am a Muslim (feat. Safiyya Beere)
96 Fortunate Is He
97 Forever (Drum Version) [feat. Muhammad Bhikha]
98 Sabr and Shukr- Voice Only
99 Slowly Slow - Voice Only
100 One God (Drum Version) [feat. Khalil Ismail]
101 Time
102 Welcome O' Ramadaan
103 Jashne Aamade Rasu (feat. Hussain)
104 Spread the Word (Drum Version)
105 The Journey- Voice Only
106 Can't Take it with You - Voice Only (feat. Dawud Wharnsby Ali & Abdul Malik Ahmad)
107 Muhammad (P.B.U.H) [Drum Version] {feat. Khalil Ismail}
108 Praise to the Prophet
109 Eid un Sa'Eid
110 Never Alone
111 Introduction
112 Allah Knows (feat. Dawud Wharnsby Ali)
113 Deen il Islam - Voice Only
114 C'mon Everybody (Drum Version)
115 Mount Hira
116 Salaamun Salaam
117 Peace Train
118 Mountains of Makkah
119 Flowers Are Red (feat. Dawud Wharnsby Ali & Muhammad Bhikha)