Zac Brown Band Lyrics

Genre: Country

Zac Brown Band Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Knee Deep
2 Keep Me In Mind
3 I Play The Road
4 On This Train [Live]
5 Martin
6 No Hurry
7 Quiet Your Mind
8 Settle Me Down
9 Cold Hearted
10 No Hurry (live)
11 Harmony
12 Highway 20 Ride (Live)
13 One Day
14 You Are My Sunshine
15 Junkyard [feat. Angie Aparo] - Live
16 It's Not OK
17 Who Knows
18 Sic 'Em On a Chicken
19 Uncaged
20 Whiskey's Gone (Live)
21 Young and Wild
22 As She's Walking Away (Feat. Alan Jackson)
23 Free / Into the Mystic [feat. Joey + Rory] - Live
24 A Different Kind Of Fine
25 Let It Go
26 All Alright
27 Island Song
28 Where the Boat Leaves From / One Love (Live)
29 I'll Be Your Man (Song for a Daughter)
30 Toes [feat Shawn Mullins] - Live
31 Free
32 Whiskey's Gone
33 Violin Intro to Free
34 Let It Rain
35 Natural Disaster
36 Every Little Bit (Live) [Bonus Track]
37 Wildfire
38 Holiday Road
39 Junkyard
40 Where the Boat Leaves From
41 Trying To Drive [Live]
42 The Muse
43 Overnight
44 Free / Into the Mystic (Live from Bonnaroo)
45 Colder Weather
46 As She's Walking Away
47 Different Kind of Fine
48 Toes
49 The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down [Live]
50 Chicken Fried (Full Version)
51 Lance’s Song
52 Who Knows (Live)
53 Enter Sandman
54 I’ll Be Your Man (Song For a Daughter)
55 Heather
56 Valentines
57 I Shall Be Released [Live]
58 Keep Me in Mind (PO clean edit)
59 Day That I Die
60 Sic 'Em On a Chicken (Live)
61 Day For The Dead
62 Tomorrow Never Comes (Acoustic Version)
63 Curse Me
64 These Days
65 Blackbird [Live]
66 America the Beautiful (Live)
67 Last But Not Least
68 Nothing (Bonus Track)
69 Free
70 Loving You Easy
71 Better Day
72 Whatever It Is
73 Big Fat Bitch
74 Who Knows (Live from Bonnaroo)
75 Day For the Dead
76 Chicken Fried (Live)
77 Toes
78 Dress Blues
79 Every Little Bit
80 Mary
81 Sic 'em on the Chicken
82 Colder Weather
83 Whatever It Is (Live)
84 My Life My Way
85 Jolene (Live)
86 Chicken Fried
87 Beautiful Drug
88 It's Not Okay
89 On This Train
90 Make This Day
91 Free (Single)
92 Let It Go (Live)
93 Remedy
94 Oh My Sweet Carolina (Live) [Bonus Track]
95 Acapella Song
96 Harmony
97 Chicken Fried
98 Harmony
99 Harmony
100 The Devil Went Down to Georgia (Live from Bonnaroo)
101 Mango Tree (feat. Sara Bareilles)
102 Colder Weather (Live from Red Rocks)
103 Highway 20 Ride
104 I Shall Be Released
105 Homegrown
106 Lance's Song
107 Free/Into The Mystic [Live]
108 Whiskey's Gone (Live) [Bonus Track]
109 Heavy Is the Head (feat. Chris Cornell)
110 Colder Weather (album version)
111 Day I Die
112 Chicken Fried (single edit)
113 Where the Boat Leaves From / One Love
114 The Wind
115 Goodbye In Her Eyes
116 Nothing
117 Toes (Live from Bonnaroo)
118 Bittersweet
119 Oh My Sweet Carolina (Live)
120 Let It Go
121 Highway 20 Ride
122 The Devil Went Down to Georgia
123 Jump Right In
124 Every Little Bit (Live)
125 It's Not OK (Live)
126 Castaway
127 Martin (Live In Atlanta)
128 Knee Deep (feat. Jimmy Buffett)
129 Jolene
130 Toes (clean edit)
131 Sweet Annie
132 Smoke Rise
133 The Devil Went Down to Georgia (Live)
134 Tomorrow Never Comes
135 Let It Go (Live In Atlanta)
136 Colder Weather [feat. Little Big Town] - Live
137 Devil Went Down To Georgia
138 The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

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Zac Brown Band Bio

The Zac Brown Band is an American country music band based in Atlanta, Georgia. The lineup consists of Zac Brown (lead vocals, guitar), Jimmy De Martini (fiddle, vocals), John Driskell Hopkins (bass guitar, vocals), Coy Bowles (guitar, organ), and Chris Fryar (drums). The band has toured throughout the United States, including a slot on the 2006 Bonnaroo Music Festival. They have also recorded four studio albums, and charted one single on the Billboard country charts in the Number One "Chicken Fried".

Zac Brown, born the 11th of 12 children, was raised in Dahlonega, Georgia. He began playing guitar as a teenager. Previously, Brown and his father owned a restaurant in the Lake Oconee area of Georgia called "Zac's Place". Zac Brown also began work as a philanthropist and humanitarian, planning income from his current album to enable the funding of the non-profit Homegrown Camp, designed as an "all inclusive children's camp that will teach diversity, freedom, teamwork, America, nutritional awareness, liberty and life skills as well as music and art".

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