Xentrix Song Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Xentrix Bio

Xentrix are a British thrash metal band of the 1980s hailing from Preston, Lancashire. Xentrix were one of the leading lights of the British Thrash movement. They had music videos for their cover of Ray Parker, Jr's Ghostbusters, For Whose Advantage and for their track The Order of Chaos which had regular air time on Headbangers Ball. Xentrix's biggest show was at Wembley in 1991, opening for Slayer. Xentrix never gained global notoriety, but had many underground performances with audiences of over 2,000 to 5,000 people in attendance.

The band gained notoriety when its demo sparked interest with a 5 star rating from Kerrang magazine. Roadrunner Records then contacted the band asking them why they had not been sent a copy, and arranged an audition with the band. After the audition to band was signed to the label and recorded their first album Shattered Existence in the summer of 1989 and toured with Sabbat to support the album.

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