X-Ray Spex Lyrics

Genre: Rock

X-Ray Spex Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Junk Food Junkie
2 Crystal Clear
3 India
4 Lets Submerge
5 I Can’t Do Anything (early demo)
6 I Am a Poseur
7 Melancholy
8 Oh Bondange! Up Yours! (Live At the Roxy)
9 Identity (BBC Radio One "John Peel" Session 20/02/1978)
10 I Am a Cliche
11 The Day the World Turned Day-Glo (early demo)
12 Oh Bondage! Up Yours!
13 Good Time Girl
14 Cigarettes (Live At the Roxy)
15 Warrior In Woolworths (BBC Radio One "John Peel" Session 6/11/1978)
16 Germ Free Adolescence
17 Oh! Bondage, Up Yours! (early demo)
18 Oh Bondage! Up Yours! (Live)
19 Hi Chaperone
20 Junk Food Junkie (Live At the Roxy)
21 Peace Meal
22 Germfree Adolescents
23 Obsessed With You (alt mix)
24 The Day The World Turned Dayglo
25 Sophia
26 Peace Meal (Live At the Roxy)
27 Warrior in Woolworths
28 Let's Submerge
29 The Day the World Turned Day-Glo (alt mix)
30 Prayer For Peace
31 Obsessed With You (Rough Mix) [Demo Version]
32 I Am a Cliché
33 Plastic Bag
34 I Can’t Do Anything (live at The Roxy)
35 Party
36 Identity (Rough Mix) [Demo Version]
37 Age
38 Let’s Submerge (early demo)
39 Oh! Bondage, Up Yours! (reprise, live at The Roxy)
40 Germfree Adolescent
41 Plastic Bag (Live)
42 Genetic Engineering
43 Genetic Engineering (John Peel session)
44 Oh! Bondage, Up Yours! (live at The Roxy)
45 Obsessed With You (Alternative Mix with Spoken Introduction)
46 I Live Off You (Live)
47 I Am a Cliche (live)
48 I Am a Poseur (John Peel session)
49 Plastic Bag (live at The Roxy)
50 The Day the World Turned Day-Glo (Alternative Mix)
51 I Can't Do Anything (Live)
52 I Can’t Do Anything (live)
53 Germ Free Adolescents (John Peel session)
54 I Live Off You (live at The Roxy)
55 Identity
56 Cigarettes (Live)
57 Iama Poseur
58 Warrior in Woolworths (John Peel session)
59 I Am a Cliché (live at The Roxy)
60 Let's Submerge - Live Version
61 Junk Food Junkie (Live)
62 Lets Submerge (rough mix)
63 Oh! Bondage, Up Yours!
64 Oh! Bondage Up Yours
65 Cigarettes
66 Cigarettes (Recorded Live at the Roxy, London, 2 April 1977)
67 I Can't Do Anything
68 Obsessed With You (rough mix)
69 Oh Bondage Up Yours
70 Germ Free Adolescent
71 Junk Food Junkie (Recorded Live at the Roxy, London, 2 April 1977)
72 I Can’t Do Anything
73 I Live Off You
74 Obsessed With You (early demo)
75 Oh Bondage Up Yours!
76 I Am A Cliche - Live at The Roxy Club, London
77 Oh Bondage, Up Yours! (Pre Signing Studio Demo)
78 Warrior in Woolworth
79 Plastic Bag (early demo)
80 The Day the World Turned Day-Glo
81 Junk Food Junkie - Live At The Roxie
82 The Day the World Turned Day-Glo (Pre Signing Studio Demo)
83 Germ Free Adolescents
84 I Live Off You (early demo)
85 Oh Bondage: Up Yours! (Live)
86 Dog In Sweden
87 Oh Bondange! Up Yours!
88 Obsessed With You (Pre Signing Studio Demo)
89 Obsessed With You

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X-Ray Spex Bio

X-Ray Spex were an English punk band from London that formed in 1976.

During their first incarnation (1976–79), X-Ray Spex were “deliberate underachievers” and only managed to release five singles and one album. Nevertheless, their first single, "Oh Bondage Up Yours!", is now acknowledged as a classic punk rock single and the album, Germfree Adolescents, is widely acclaimed as a classic album of the punk rock genre.

Initially, the band featured singer Poly Styrene (born Marianne Joan Elliott-Said) on vocals, Jak Airport (Jack Stafford) on guitars, Paul Dean on bass, Paul 'B. P.' Hurding on drums, and Lora Logic (born Susan Whitby) on saxophone. 

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X-Ray_Spex