World Party Lyrics

Genre: Pop

World Party Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Hercules
2 Ain't Gonna Come Till I'm Ready
3 Take It Up
4 And I Fell Back Alone
5 Is It Too Late?
6 Put The Message In The Box
7 Love Street
8 Ship of Fools
9 God On My Side
10 Show Me To The Top
11 Sunshine
12 All The Young Dudes
13 She's The One
14 It's All Mine
15 Hollywood
16 Sweet Soul Dream
17 Way Down Now
18 Private Revolution
19 When The Rainbow Comes
20 Piece Of Mind
21 Is It Like Today?
22 Mystery Girl (radio)
23 Is It Too Late? (Live Glastonbury 1994)
24 Always
25 The Whole Of The Night
26 When You Come Back To Me
27 Sooner or Later (live)
28 Is It Too Late? (Live Bonnaroo 2006)
29 Love Is Best
30 What Does It Mean Now?
31 Love Street (live)
32 Put the Message In the Box (Live/1993)
33 The Ballad Of The Little Man
34 All Come True
35 Is It Too Late? - Live at Glastonbury Festival 1994
36 Put the Message in the Box (live)
37 Ship of Fools (Live In Boulder Colorado)
38 World Party
39 Rolling Off A Log
40 Is It Too Late? - Live at Bonnaroo Festival 2006
41 Silly Song
42 Love Street (Live At Bonnaroo Festival 2006)
43 Radio Days
44 Put the Message In the Box (live 1993)
45 She's the One (live)
46 Ship of Fools (Live Kilburn Empire 1990)
47 What Is Love All About?
48 Rescue Me
49 Put the Message In the Box (live 2006)
50 Ship of Fools (live)
51 Put the Message In the Box (Live USA 2006)
52 Sooner Or Later
53 And God Said...
54 Way Down Now - live 1991
55 Dear Prudence
56 Thank You World (Live London 1991)
57 It Can Be Beautiful (Sometimes)
58 Making Love (To The World)
59 Thank You World - live 1991
60 Way Down Now (live)
61 Way Down Now (Live London 1991)
62 Kingdom Come
63 Curse Of The Mummy's Tomb
64 Love Street - live 2006
65 Love Street (Live 2006)
66 All I Gave
67 Sooner or Later (live 1994)
68 Put the Message in the Box (Live 2006)
69 Vanity Fair
70 Call Me Up
71 She's the One (live 1996)
72 Thank You World (Live 1991)
73 This World
74 Sooner Or Later (Live 1994)
75 Way Down Now (Live 1991)
76 Strange Groove
77 Thank You World
78 She's the One (Live 1996)
79 It Is Time
80 Hawaiian Island World
81 Thankyou World
82 Sooner or Later (Live 1994)
83 Beautiful Dream
84 Give It All Away
85 Is It Like Today (LP version)
86 Put the Message in the Box (Live 1993)

World Party Bio

World Party are a British alternative rock band, which is essentially the solo project of its sole member, Karl Wallinger. He started the band in 1986 in London after leaving The Waterboys.

After a stint as musical director of a West End performance of The Rocky Horror Show, Wallinger joined a funk band called "The Out", before joining Mike Scott's Waterboys in 1984 to record the album A Pagan Place. After their third album in 1985, This Is the Sea, Wallinger departed to form World Party.

Recorded at Wallinger's home in 1986, his debut album Private Revolution yielded two minor hits in the UK, "Private Revolution" and "Ship of Fools". "Ship Of Fools", however, did much better outside the UK — it reached no. 4 in Australia, no. 21 in New Zealand, and no. 27 in the US, in the process becoming the act's only major international hit.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Party