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Genre: Rock

Wolfgang Bio

Wolfgang is a Filipino rock band formed in January 1992 in Manila, Philippines. Wolfgang is notable for being the only Filipino rock band to release albums in Japan and the United States and for realizing Platinum record sales in their home country. After ten years, the original line-up broke up in 2002. Wolfgang reformed in 2007 with a different roster.

Vocalist Basti Artadi (born Sebastian Artadi) and drummer Wolf Gemora (born Leslie Gemora) began their musical careers with other local bands, while guitarist Manuel Legarda returned to the Philippines from living abroad in Spain. Gemora was inspired to form a band upon frequenting shows of another notable Filipino group, Razorback. He invited Legarda to join him and eventually the two found Basti Artadi singing with his former band, Sin City. Upon Legarda's invitation, Artadi joined the duo. In the first few months of inception, the group went through a number of bass players.

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