Wild Orchid Song Lyrics

Genre: Pop

Wild Orchid Bio

Wild Orchid was an American all female group, which began under the name "NRG" in 1991, and performed as Wild Orchid during the years 1992–2003. In 2013, US Weekly named the group number 18 of the 25 'Best Girl Groups of All Time'.

Wild Orchid began in 1990 when Renee Sandstrom and Stefanie Ridel met in their southern California high school's drama department. They decided to form a music group based on their shared love of music and poetry, and they initially called themselves New Rhythm Generation or NRG (energy). Heather Holyoak and Stacy Ann Ferguson (Fergie) soon joined the group and began searching for a record contract. As they wrote their songs and recorded their first single entitled "Get Crazy – Work It", the girls also began coming up with choreographies for their music.

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