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Genre: Electronic

Whigfield Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Saturday Night
2 Givin' All My Love
3 Sexy Eyes
4 No Tears To Cry
5 It's Alright
6 Close To You
7 Think Of You
8 What We've Done for Love
9 Big Time
10 Don't Walk Away
11 Forever On My Mind
12 Candy
13 Saturday Night (Max K. Remix)
14 Much More (Extended Version)
15 Think Of You - Another Day - Saturday Night - Sexy Eyes - Be My Baby
16 Saturday Night (New remix)
17 Sexy Eyes (Original Mbrg Mix)
18 Saturday Night (Julian Remix Edit)
19 Saturday Night (Fishbone Beat's Afternoon Mix)
20 Right In the Night (Favretto & Battini Remix Extended)
21 Saturday Night (2003 Villa Club Mix)
22 Another Day (French Remix)
23 I Knew Before
24 Saturday Night (Rerecorded Version)
25 Gotta Getcha (Radio Mix)
26 Right In the Night (Fabian Gray Remix)
27 Another Day (U.S. Remixes '95) / (The Glee club mix)
28 Sexy Eyes (Extended Mix)
29 Saturday Night (Sunflake Remix)
30 Saturday Night (2003 Lion Project Radio Cut)
31 Right In the Night (F&A Factor Remix Extended)
32 Saturday Night (2003 Lion Project Club Cut)
33 Aint It Blue
34 My Love’ Gone
35 C'est Cool (Candlen Rmx Instrumental)
36 Gotta Getcha (Album Version)
37 Right In the Night (Enrique & Danny Merx Remix)
38 Saturday Night (Hex Hector/Darrin Friedman Classic Vocal Mix)
39 Saturday Night (Euro Beagle Mix)
40 Saturday Night (Sonic Zone Remix)
41 Was a Time (Gambafreaks vs III Sound Academy Main Mix)
42 Right In the Night (Doing Time Remix Extended)
43 Think of You (Gabry Ponte Remix Instrumental)
44 Ain't It Blue
45 Get Get Get
46 Stay In My Head
47 Gotta Getcha (Extended Mix)
48 Think of You (Mathieu Bouthier and Muttonheads Remix)
49 Saturday Night (Hex Hector/Darrin Friedman Spike Vocal Mix)
50 Right In the Night (Doing Time Remix)
51 Saturday Night (Magic Tune Remix)
52 Summer Samba
53 Was a Time (Remastered radio edit)
54 Right in the Night (F & A Factor remix radio edit)
55 Sexy Eyes (Extended Version)
56 Think of You (DMC Remix)
57 Take Me To The Summertime
58 Behind the Sun
59 Gotta Getcha (Abigails Party Remix)
60 Think of You (Mathieu Bouthier and Muttonheads Remix Radio Edit)
61 Another Day (Fresh Pop Radio Edit)
62 Saturday Night (Abigail's Party Remix)
63 Saturday Night (Electro Remix)
64 Tenderly
65 Another Day (radio nite mix)
66 Think of You (SunLoverz Big Room Remix)
67 Sexy Eyes (Single Version)
68 Was a Time (Original Radio Edit)
69 Outside Life
70 C'est Cool (Extended Right Version Instrumental)
71 Saturday Night [feat. Carlprit] - Max K. Remix Edit
72 Saturday Night (Secret Sunday Remix )
73 Another Day (Fresh Pop Mix)
74 Was a Time (Favretto Remix)
75 Saturday Night (Duke Alba Remix)
76 Another Day (RadioNite mix)
77 Think of You (SunLoverz Big Room Remix Instrumental)
78 No Tears To Cry (Organ Mix)
79 Was a Time (Original Extended)
80 Welcome To Fun
81 C'est Cool (Extended Left Version Instrumental)
82 Saturday Night (Max K. Remix Edit) [feat. Carlprit]
83 Saturday Night (Sound Bugz Remix )
84 Another Day (Mark Picchiotti/Terri Bristol's Ms. Whigfield Vocal Flava Mix)
85 Think of You (David Remix)
86 Saturday Night (Bass In Your Face Remix)
87 Through the Night
88 Saturday Night (Nite mix)
89 Think of You (SunLoverz Big Room Remix Radio Edit)
90 Baby Boy (Original Radio)
91 Was a Time (Gambafreaks vs III Sound Academy Latin Mix)
92 My My
93 Givin' All My Love (original radio edit)
94 Saturday Night (Max K. Remix) [feat. Carlprit]
95 Saturday Night (KLM Music Extended Mix )
96 Saturday Night (Sunflake Remix Edit)
97 Another Day
98 No Tears to Cry (Original Extended)
99 Saturday Night (Julian Remix)
100 Saturday Night (Dida mix)
101 Think of You (F&A Factor Remix Extended)
102 Gimme Gimme
103 Was a Time (Yagor Mix)
104 Every Single Day And Night
105 Gotta Getcha
106 C'est Cool (Right Version)
107 Another Day - Original
108 Saturday Night 2010 (Rivaz Classic Remix])
109 Saturday Night (Sonic Zone Remix Edit)
110 Out Of Sight
111 Doo Whop (Rivaz Tune Club)
112 Right In the Night (Favretto & Battini Radio Edit)
113 Whiggy Wiggle
114 Think of You (F&A Factor Remix Instrumental Radio)
115 Whiggy Whiggle
116 Was a Time (Extended Instrumental)
117 Right In The Night
118 C'est Cool (Left Version)
119 Think of You - Original
120 Right In the Night (Favretto & Battini Remix)
121 Saturday Night (Secret Sunday Edit)
122 Last Christmas
123 Saturday Night 2003 (Villa radio cut)
124 Right In the Night (Doing Time Extended Remix)
125 Upon A Star
126 Think of You (F&A Factor Remix Radio Edit)
127 Saturday Night (Edit 97)
128 Was a Time (Roberto Molinaro Remix)
129 Much More (European Radio)
130 C'est Cool (Extended Left Version)
131 Close To You - Original
132 Think of You (Mathieu Bouthier & Muttonheads Remix Instrumental)
133 Saturday Night (Sound Bugz Remix Edit)
134 Saturday Night (Euro Beagle Mix - Radio Edit)
135 Right In the Night (Original Mix)
136 Tomorrow
137 Think of You (Yan vs. Favretto Remix)
138 Last Christmas (Major Cut)
139 Saturday Night (remix)
140 Much More (DJ N.U.K.K. Radio)
141 Another Day (Another mix)
142 Sexy Eyes - Original
143 Think of You (Mathieu Bouthier & Muttonheads Remix Radio Edit)
144 Saturday Night (KLM Music Edit)
145 Baby Boy
146 Saturday Night (Euro Beagle Mix - Extended)
147 Right In the Night (Favretto & Battini Extended Remix)
148 Much More
149 Think of You (Yan vs. Favretto Remix Instrumental)
150 Mega Ricks Mix
151 Think of You (Extended Mix)
152 Another Day (Ms Whigfield's Vocal Flava Mix)
153 Much More (Radio Edit)
154 Another Day (Two Man remix)
155 Big Time - Original
156 Think of You (Gabry Ponte Remix)
157 Saturday Night (Magic Tune Remix Edit)
158 Saturday Night (Classic Vocal Remix - US Remix)
159 Right In the Night (F&A Factor Extended Remix)
160 Makin' My Day
161 Rainbow
162 Was A Time
163 Another Day (French Mix)
164 Much More (Rmx By Grand Luke-France)
165 Saturday Night (trance Beat mix)
166 Saturday Night (Radio Mix) - Radio Mix
167 Think of You (Gabry Ponte Remix Radio Edit)
168 Saturday Night (Electro Remix Edit)
169 Saturday Night (Deep Nite Extra Mix)
170 Right In the Night (Favretto & Battini Remix Radio Edit)
171 Lover
172 Another Day (BubbleGum Radio Mix)
173 Amazing And Beautiful
174 Think of You (DMC Mix)
175 Much More (DJ N.U.K.K. Extended)
176 C’est Cool
177 Saturday Night (Holiday mix)
178 Think of You (Original Album Mix)
179 Saturday Night (Duke Alba Remix Edit)
180 Saturday Night (Fishbone Beat's Trance Beat Mix)
181 Right In the Night (F&A Factor Remix Radio Edit)
182 Fantasy
183 Another Day (Two Men Remix)
184 Beep Beep
185 Saturday Night (Max K. Remix Edit)
186 Much More (European Full Extended)
187 4Ever
188 Was a Time (Radio Edit)
189 Think of You (Mathieu Bouthier & Muttonheads Remix)
190 Saturday Night (Bass In Your Face Remix Edit)
191 I Want To Love
192 Sexy Eyes (Amen Remix)
193 Right In the Night (Doing Time Remix Radio Edit)
194 Another Day (Out of Time Remix)
195 Boys Boys Boys

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Whigfield Bio

Sannie Charlotte Carlson (born 11 April 1970), best known as Whigfield and also as Naan, is a Danish born, Italian based Eurodance singer best known for the song "Saturday Night" which was a worldwide hit in 1994. Singles from her following albums were also very popular across Europe and Asia in the mid '90s and were produced by Italian producer Larry Pignagnoli.

Sannie Charlotte Carlson was born in Skælskør, Denmark. She spent several years in Africa as a child before returning to her native country. Before singing Sannie worked as a very successful model and studied music. When she met the producer Larry Pignagnoli, who also produces Benny Benassi, Katla, In-Grid, Ally & Jo, Ann Lee, Spagna, J.K., Dhany and others, the artist "Whigfield" was born. The name "Whigfield" is a tribute to her piano teacher.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whigfield