Wheatus Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Wheatus Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Teenage Dirtbag
2 Sunshine
3 If You Need A Friend
4 Wannabe Gangstar
5 Teenage Dirt Bag
6 A Little Respect
7 Hump 'Em N' Dump 'Em
8 Now
9 The Truth I Tell Myself
10 Texas
11 Punk Assed Bitch
12 Freak On
13 Truffles
14 Pretty Girl
15 You And Your Stoopid Guitar
16 In The Melody
17 Leroy - Clean Album Version
18 Teenage Dirtbag (explicit)
19 Love Is a Mutt From Hell - Clean Album Version
20 Pretty Girl (acoustic)
21 Leroy
22 No Happy Ending Tune
23 Punk Ass Bitch - Clean Album Version
24 Dream About the Devil (live)
25 Love Is a Mutt from Hell
26 This Island
27 BMX Bandits (Live At XM Radio)
28 Lemonade (live)
29 The Deck
30 Lady Adelaide
31 The London Sun (Live At XM Radio)
32 Hometown (live)
33 Little Respect
34 That's True
35 Teenage Dirtbag (From "Loser")
36 Wannabe Gangstar (feat. Bruce Dickinson)
37 Love Is Too Expensive
38 Teenage Dirtbag (Original Version)
39 A Fisherman With a Clock
40 Randall
41 Whole Amoeba
42 Who Would Have Thought
43 The Story of the Eggs
44 Desperate Songs
45 Anyway
46 The Fall in Love
47 Freedom Song
48 Punk Ass Bitch
49 I Am What I Is
50 Valentine
51 Fourteen
52 So Old n' Told
53 Never Write A Song About You
54 Hit Me With Your Best Shot
55 Break It Don’t Buy It
56 Holiday
57 Dream About the Devil
58 Something Good
59 That’s True
60 Break It Don't Buy It
61 Bridges to Jupiter
62 Punk A** B****
63 BMX Bandits
64 Truffles - Clean Album Version
65 Mary Mary Sea Serpent
66 Hey, Mr Brown (live)
67 Lemonade
68 The London Sun
69 Sunshine - Clean Album Version
70 Marigold Girl
71 Leroy (live)
72 From Listening To Lightning
73 American In Amsterdam
74 A Little Respect - Clean Album Version
75 A Little Respect (Clean)
76 The Song That I Wrote When You Dissed Me
77 Hump'em n' Dump'em - Clean Album Version
78 Teenage Dirtbag (Explicit Version)
79 Hey, Mr. Brown
80 Real Girl

Wheatus Bio

Wheatus is an American rock group from Northport, New York, formed in 1995. They are best known for their 2000 single "Teenage Dirtbag" which was featured in the movie Loser, the HBO miniseries Generation Kill and most recently as an acoustic opening for the anti Bully film Bully.

Wheatus was formed by Brendan B. Brown in 1995, on the lower east side of New York City. Brown began by writing a few songs, and subsequently enlisted the help of his brother Peter Brown on drums, Rich Liegey on bass and backing vocals and Philip A. Jimenez on various percussion instruments, keyboards, harmonica and providing samples and special effects.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wheatus