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Genre: Pop

Westlife Lyrics - by Popularity

1 How To Break A Heart
2 Sound Of A Broken Heart
3 Beautiful Tonight
4 I'm Already There
5 No More Heroes
6 Shadows
7 Another World
8 Leaving
9 Have You Ever
10 If Tomorrow Never Comes
11 Please Stay (Single)
12 You Must Have Had A Broken Heart
13 Reach Out
14 I'll be loving you forever
15 In This Life
16 Talk Me Down
17 The Difference
18 Swear It Again (Rokstone Mix)
19 I Want To Grow Old With You
20 Never Knew I Was Losing You
21 Heart Without A Home
22 Before It's Too Late
23 Desperado
24 oh mandy
25 Flying Without Wings (acapella)
26 Catch My Breath
27 Forever
28 Written In Stars
29 Too Hard To Say Goodbye
30 I Lay My Love On You (Spanish Version)
31 The Easy Way
32 Safe (Single)
33 Story Of Love
34 Closer
35 Safe
36 I Will Reach You
37 Tell Me It's Love
38 One Last Cry
39 The Reason
40 Irish Son
41 Maybe Tomorrow
42 When You're Looking Like That
43 Nothing Is Impossible
44 My Girl
45 Have You Ever Been in Love
46 Against All Odds
47 I Promise You That
48 Uptown Girl (Live)
49 What I Want Is What I Got
50 If I Let You Go (radio edit)
51 I Lay My Love On You
52 Something Right (Instrumental Version of Single Mix)
53 We Are One
54 You Raise Me Up
55 What Do They Know?
56 If
57 When You Come Around
58 Home
59 Wide Open
60 Flying Without Wings (live at Proms in the Park 2011)
61 Change Your Mind
62 When You’re Looking Like That
63 You See Friends (I See Lovers)
64 When You're Looking Like That (2001 remix)
65 Love Can Build a Bridge
66 You Are So Beautiful (to Me)
67 My Private Movie
68 If I Let You Go (Live)
69 A Fragile Heart
70 I Have a Dream (remix)
71 Tonight (Metro mix)
72 Flying Without Wings (Live At BBC Proms in the Park 2011)
73 Can't Lose What You Never Had
74 World of Our Own (Acoustic Version)
75 You Raise Me Up (with Fionnuala Sherry) (Recorded Live At BBC Proms In the Park 2011)
76 I Miss You
77 Don't Say It's Too Late
78 My Love (radio edit)
79 You Raise Me Up (live at Proms in the Park 2011)
80 When You Tell Me That You Love Me (Single Mix)
81 Miss You Nights
82 Westlife Megamix
83 All or Nothing
84 How Does It Feel
85 Total Eclipse of the Heart (Sunset Strippers radio edit)
86 Don't Get Me Wrong
87 Queen of My Heart (Live)
88 World of Our Own (US mix)
89 Ain't That a Kick In the Head
90 You Raise Me Up (with Fionnuala Sherry) (Live At BBC Proms in the Park 2011)
91 daytime friends
92 Heal
93 Westlife - Interview and Snippets (Girl Thing)
94 Flying Without Wings (Recorded Live At BBC Proms In the Park 2011)
95 Don't Let Me Go
96 Home (Soulseekerz radio edit)
97 Last Mile of the Way
98 What Makes a Man
99 Queen of My Heart (radio edit)
100 You've Lost That Loving Feeling
101 Tonight (Metro remix)
102 Crying Girl
103 Ain't That a Kick in the Head (Live)
104 I Get Weak
105 Unbreakable (single mix)
106 Smile
107 You Raise Me Up (Recorded Live At BBC Proms In the Park 2011)
108 reason for living
109 When a Woman Loves a Man
110 World of Your Own
111 Home (Live from The O2)
112 Love Crime
113 Unbreakable (single remix)
114 Total Eclipse of the Heart (Sunset Strippers Dub Mix)
115 Hit You With The Real Thing
116 Angel's Wings
117 No No
118 Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You
119 Everlasting Love
120 Total Eclipse of the Heart (Sunset Strippers club mix)
121 You Don't Know
122 Lookin' Like That (Live)
123 Please Stay
124 Written in the Stars
125 Let There Be Love
126 Butterfly Kisses
127 On My Shoulder
128 More Than Words
129 Fool Again (Remix)
130 Imaginary Diva
131 I Won't Let You Down
132 When You Are Looking Like That
133 No Ones Gonna Sleep Tonight
134 That's Where You Find Love
135 When You're Looking Like That (single remix)
136 Fool Again
137 Flying Without Wings - Live at The Globe
138 Unbreakble
139 Fool Again (2000 Remix)
140 Mandy (Live)
141 Chances
142 Love Takes Two
143 The Way You Look Tonight
144 Nothing's Going to Change My Love for You
145 Turn Around
146 Singing Forever
147 Obvious (Single Mix)
148 Angel
149 On the Wings of Love
150 No One's Gonna Sleep Tonight
151 When You Tell Me That You Love Me
152 Somebody Needs You
153 Swear It Again
154 Right Here Waiting
155 How Does If Feel
156 Greased Lightnin'
157 Medley: Swear It Again / Home (Live)
158 Try Again
159 Come Fly With Me
160 You Raise Me Up (Live At Croke Park)
161 I Did It for You
162 World of Our Own (acoustic)
163 Mandy (Live from The O2)
164 Bad Girls
165 Hard to Say I'm Sorry
166 You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling
167 Turnaround
168 I Cant Get Next to You
169 World of Our Own
170 Let It Fall
171 Close
172 Hey Whatever
173 You Raise Me Up (Live)
174 Difference In Me
175 Drive
176 Mack the Knife
177 Tonight (Single Remix)
178 Thank You
179 Still Here
180 Uptown Girl (Live from The O2)
181 Where We Are
182 When You're Looking Like That (single mix)
183 It's You
184 Flying Without Wings
185 White Christmas
186 Please Dont Leave Me
187 Queen of My Heart
188 Miracle
189 Soledad
190 Tonight
191 World of Our Own (Live)
192 When You're Looking Like That (Spanish Version)
193 I'll See You Again
194 I Left My Heart In San Francisco
195 Us Against the World (Live)
196 Pictures In My Head
197 To Be With You
198 Miss You When I'm Dreaming
199 What About Now (Live from The O2)
200 Moon River
201 Total Eclipse of the Heart
202 I Don't Wanna Fight
203 If I Let You Go
204 Greased Lightning
205 Baby I Need Your Loving
206 Bop Bop Baby
207 Swear It Again (Exclusive live track)
208 Let's Make Tonight Special
209 Puzzle of My Heart
210 Mandy
211 Flying Without Wings (Live)
212 Walk Away
213 Summer Wind
214 Something Right (Single Mix)
215 Something Right
216 Amazing (single mix)
217 What About Now (live at the O2)
218 As Love Is My Witness
219 I Do
220 Until the End of Time
221 My Love
222 What Becomes of the Broken Hearted
223 Seasons in the Sun
224 I'm Missing Loving You
225 Dreams Come True
226 Gresed Lightnin'
227 What Makes Up a Man (single remix)
228 Home (Soul Seekerz Radio Edit)
229 Clementine
230 Get Away
231 When I'm With You
232 I Cry
233 If I Let You Go (USA mix)
234 Uptown Girl (live at the O2)
235 Easy
236 Lost in You
237 Uptown Girl
238 Us Against The World
239 If I Let You Go (extended version)
240 Beautiful in White
241 No Place That Far
242 Swear It Again (radio edit)
243 World of Our Own (single remix)
244 Change the World
245 When I Fall In Love
246 Us Against the World (The Wideboys Remix)
247 I Wanna Grow Old With You
248 My Love (instrumental)
249 Mandy (live at the O2)
250 Colour My World
251 I Lay My Love on You (single remix)
252 Until the End of the Time
253 Poet's Heart
254 Season in the Sun
255 Flying Without Wings (a cappella mix)
256 Only love
257 Together Girl Forever
258 You Make Me Feel
259 Everybody Knows
260 Bop Bop Baby (single remix)
261 Moments
262 That's Life
263 Beyond the Sea
264 The Dance
265 Evergreen
266 Angel (remix)
267 Home (live at the O2)
268 You Raise Me Up (Chameleon remix)
269 That's What It's All About
270 Uptown Girl (radio edit)
271 I Lay My Love On You (Remix)
272 Amazing
273 Unbreakable
274 What About Now (Live)
275 Tunnel Of Love
276 Loneliness Knows Me by Name
277 Don't Calm The Storm
278 Bop Bop Baby (radio edit)
279 I Need You
280 Bop Bop Bop
281 What About Now
282 To Be Loved
283 The Rose
284 When You're Looking Like That (radio version)
285 She's Back
286 17. Uptown Girl
287 Angels Wings
288 Uptown Girl (extended version)
289 You Light Up My Life
290 Close Your Eyes
291 I Have a Dream
292 What Makes a Man (Live)
293 What I Want Is What I've Got
294 Fragile Heart
295 Ronan Keating Interviews Westlife
296 If I Let You Go (Acoustic Version)
297 High Noon
298 Miss You
299 Flying Without You (acoustic version)
300 World of My Own
301 Kiss
302 Drive (For All Time)
303 All Out of Love
304 Lighthouse
305 19. The Rose
306 Solitaire
307 I'll Be There
308 You Are So Beautiful
309 Flying Without Wings (feat. BoA)
310 Bop Bop Baby (Almighty radio edit)
311 My Love (Live)
312 Every Little Thing You Do
313 Obvious
314 Why Do I Love You
315 I Ran (so Far Away)
316 Open Your Heart
317 My Love (acoustic version)
318 What Makes a Man (Single Remix)
319 If Your Heart's Not In It
320 Fly Me to the Moon
321 Beautiful World

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Westlife Bio

Westlife is an Irish pop band that was formed on July 3, 1998. The group's original lineup comprised Nicky Byrne, Kian Egan, Mark Feehily, Shane Filan, and Brian McFadden. Filan and Feehily are the band's lead vocalists. Westlife have had 14 UK number ones and was the first act in British history to have four number one singles in a year. The band was also the only act to have number ones with their first seven singles and to date they have gone on to sell over 40 million albums worldwide.

They were signed on by Simon Cowell and are currently managed by Louis Walsh. In 2008, they are declared as Ireland's 9th richest celebrities under 30 years old and 13th in general. They garnered 14 number one singles in the United Kingdom, the third-highest in UK history, tying with Cliff Richard and tailing behind Elvis Presley and The Beatles. The band has also won numerous awards such as the "Best Irish Pop Act" at the annual Ireland Meteor Awards and ITV "Record of the Year" award in the UK. The band has also broken a few top records, including "Music artist with most consecutive number 1's in the UK" and the "Biggest selling arena act in the UK".

Over years of their career, Westlife's music has evolved from teen pop to a pop sound, with an emphasis on ballads. All of the band members are songwriters, although most of their hits have been composed by external writers.

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