Weeping Willows Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Weeping Willows Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Let the River Flow
2 It Takes a Strong Heart to Love
3 Found
4 Everybody Is Lonely
5 By The River
6 Tomorrow Became Today
7 The World Is Far Away
8 Hold Me
9 Grains Of Sand
10 Truth In Your Eyes
11 Angels Sing for Us
12 Ghost of Love
13 Call Me Anything
14 Shiver In The Morning Light
15 Catherine
16 Wait for Love to Grow
17 Too Late for Us
18 Pretty Little Babies
19 The Moon Is My Witness
20 Where Will You Stay
21 Go Find Your Happiness
22 The Time Has Come
23 Somewhere
24 I Can't Feel It In Love
25 Stay With Me
26 Every Haunted Night
27 Your Eyes
28 Blue and Alone
29 Echoes of Your Breath
30 Nothing Or All
31 A Dream or a Memory
32 Broken Promise Land
33 True To You
34 I Close My Eyes
35 Looking For A Home
36 I’d Do Anything for You
37 Good Night Moon
38 The Truth In Your Eyes
39 While I'm Still Strong
40 Endless Night
41 My Last Love
42 Try It Once Again
43 Falling
44 So It's Over
45 Into The Light
46 I Wonder Where You Are
47 Louisa
48 Eternal Flames
49 Under Suspicion
50 If I Could See You One More Time
51 My Love Is Not Blind
52 I Give You the Morning
53 When You Are Asleep
54 I Didn't Know
55 Return To Me
56 How Could You Forget
57 Touch Me
58 Stairs
59 I'm Failing In Love
60 Sunny Days
61 You Weren't Even Close
62 Something To Believe In
63 Call Me Anything (acoustic)
64 Someday at Christmas
65 Untouchable
66 Lovers Never Say Goodbye
67 I Can’t Feel It In Here
68 Lost Love
69 If You Know What Love Is
70 (We're In) Different Places
71 Disconnected
72 Down On My Knees
73 Today May Still Happen
74 You Weren’t Even Close
75 Heart of Hearts
76 The Burden
77 (Were in) different places
78 You're Happy Now
79 My Peaceful Heart
80 Lovers Never Say Goodbye (with Anna Ternheim)
81 Skin on Skin
82 A Man Out of Me
83 Emptiness

Weeping Willows Bio

Weeping Willows is a Swedish indie rock group that started in 1995.

The band's first two albums are primarily influenced by the popular music of the late 1950s to early 1960s. With their third album Into the Light, Weeping Willows took a stylistic turn towards a more modern sound with alternative rock leanings.

Singer Magnus Carlson has also made albums as a solo artist and is due to duet with fellow Swedish band West End Girls on a cover of the Pet Shop Boys' single "What Have I Done to Deserve This?" in February 2008.

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