Weddings Parties Anything Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Weddings Parties Anything Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Under the Clocks (Live)
2 Nothin' But Time
3 Ticket in Tatts
4 Say the Word
5 Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
6 Father's Day (Live)
7 Hungry Years
8 A Tale They Won't Believe
9 Missing in Action
10 In Your Room
11 For a Short Time (Live)
12 Ladies Lounge
13 Monday's Experts
14 Laughing Boy
15 Lights of Devonport
16 Wide Open Road (Live)
17 The Infanticide of Marie Farrar
18 Wide Open Road
19 Big River
20 The Afternoon Sun
21 Scorn of the Women (Live)
22 She Works
23 For a Short Time
24 Summons in the Morning
25 Luckiest Man
26 Ladies Lounge (Live)
27 Scorn of the Women
28 If You Were a Cloud
29 Morton (Song for Tex)
30 Five Shows a Day
31 Walkerville
32 Roaring Days (Live)
33 Away, Away
34 The Year She Spent In England
35 Sergeant Small (live)
36 Barrett's Privateers (Live)
37 Woman of Ireland (Live)
38 Up for Air
39 Streets of Forbes
40 Barrett's Privateers
41 Away, Away (Live)
42 A Tale They Won't Believe (Live)
43 By Tomorrow
44 The Ballad of Peggy and Col
45 Ticket In Tatts (Live)
46 Barretts Privateers - Live
47 Women of Ireland
48 Hug My Back
49 Monday's Experts (Live)
50 Mondays Experts - Live
51 Woman of Ireland
52 The Wind and the Rain
53 Industrial Town (Live)
54 Fathers Day - Live
55 Scorn of the Woman
56 Mañana, Mañana
57 Houses
58 Laughing Boy (Live)
59 Father's Day
60 Industrial Town
61 Gun
62 Don't Need Much
63 Sisters of Mercy (Live)
64 Fathers Day
65 Under the Clocks
66 Brunswick
67 A Decent Cup of Coffee
68 Hungry Years (Live)
69 Taylor Square
70 Roaring Days
71 Tilting at Windmills
72 The Ghosts of Walhalla
73 Tilting At Windmills (Live)
74 Telephone In Her Car
75 Sergeant Small
76 Sisters of Mercy
77 The Sound of a Train

Weddings Parties Anything Bio

Weddings Parties Anything were an Australian folk rock band formed in 1984 in Melbourne and continuing until 1999. Their name came from The Clash song ("Revolution Rock") and musicologist Billy Pinnell described their first album as the best Australian rock debut since Skyhooks' Living in the '70s.

The band was led by Mick Thomas, the only continual member throughout the group's history. The single "Father's Day" was nominated for Single of the Year as well as winning Song of the Year at the 1993 ARIA awards. They were renowned for their energetic live performances and in particular their annual Christmas shows at the Central Club Hotel in Swan Street, Richmond held in the lead up to Christmas Eve every year from the late 1980s to 1998.

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