Wckr Spgt Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Wckr Spgt Lyrics - by Popularity

1 No Sign Of Danger Part Ii
2 The Girl (Still Running)
3 God Talks To The Man And The Ox
4 Elegant Dirt Part Ii
5 Everybody's Dead (Oh, No)
6 She Lies
7 To The Bronx
8 Everything's Scary
9 In Retrospect
10 Tustin Coin-Op
11 Brown Bag Of Dreams
12 Tustin Coin-Op Party
13 Daphne Stepping Sideways
14 E.e.
15 Getting To The Root
16 I'll See You In Heaven
17 Marriage At 30,000 Feet
18 The Caring Song
19 The Ox Strikes Back
20 Yesterday Her Lugs Exploded
21 History Repents
22 Should I Go In?
23 After The Fact
24 Intuition And Stupidity
25 The Charles Mansion
26 A Thousand Hail Marys
27 Lost In Texas
28 Capricorn One
29 Charles Mansion
30 Respect For Lawnmowers
31 Uninvited Guest At A Dinner Party
32 An Appointment With Death
33 Epilogue
34 Should I Go Inside?
35 Back At The Charles Mountain
36 Escape
37 The Backyard
38 Folkal Point
39 The Big-Faced Girl
40 Getting It Down
41 Flinch Mob
42 Unfair Prospects
43 God Starts To Cry
44 Freud Was Right
45 Lifting The Tissue
46 Head Through Iowa Now
47 No Sign Of Danger Part Iii
48 Goodbye, Ox
49 Memories Of A Recent Journey
50 How Did You Meet Them?
51 Pursuit
52 House On The Hillside, Stranger
53 Rolling The Bum
54 Making Love In The Pew
55 The Apology (Accepted)
56 Tarla Walks
57 No Sign Of Danger
58 The Charles Mountain
59 Old Boxing Footage
60 Poochy Woman
61 Because (She'll Do Anything)
62 The Cleaning Of The Rock
63 Singles At Church
64 Elegant Dirt
65 Ox Chase
66 The Finding Of The Foot
67 Rude Awakening

Wckr Spgt Bio

Wckr Spgt is an American musical band, that formed in 1981 in Claremont, California. Their influences include dadaism and punk rock, and they were part of an early movement focused primarily on experimental home recording and cassette culture that eventually evolved into lo-fi and indie rock. The band consists of Joel Huschle, Mark Givens, and Dave Carpenter and, over the years, a plethora of guest musicians and artists, notably John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats, Ian Carlson of The Desperation Squad, and the members of Nothing Painted Blue (Franklin Bruno, Kyle Brodie, and Peter Hughes).

Early audio cassettes were distributed throughout the Pomona Valley primarily in independent record stores like Toxic Shock in Pomona and Rhino Records in Claremont. In the 1990s the record label Shrimper distributed Wckr Spgt recordings including 1997's Everybody's Dead (Oh, No). Their solitary 7" EP 'Cream' (1993) came in a limited edition of 450 in a hand-drawn sleeve sprinkled with glitter.

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