Watchmen Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Watchmen Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Heart of Saturday Night by Tom Waits
2 Locomotive Breath by Jethro Tull in the breakdown
3 Anything But That
4 Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd
5 Bring On The Night by the Police
6 Hope by R.E.M. in Say Something
7 The Bed's Too Big Without You by the Police
8 Aint No Sunshine by Bill Withers
9 Between the Wars by Billy Bradd (Oyster Band)
10 Somebody to Love by Jefferson Airplane
11 Holiday (slow it down)
12 Calm
13 Baba O'Riley by The Who *
14 Richard Cory by Simon and Garfunkel
15 I'm Still Gone
16 Stereo
17 Make You Go Down
18 Earn Enough For Us by XTC
19 Three Martini Lunch by Graham Parker
20 Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles
21 Beach Music
22 Walking on the Moon by the Police in the intro for
23 Bicycle
24 Every Little Thing She Does is Magic by the Police
25 You Needed Me by Anne Murray *
26 Soul Stealer
27 Brighter Hell
28 Kill the Day
29 My Favorite One
30 Miss Gradenko by the Police *
31 Pure and Easy by The Who
32 Rooster
33 What You Did
34 Crazy Days
35 Say Something
36 Zoom
37 Falling
38 Champagne Supernova by Oasis *
39 Silent Radar
40 34 Dead St.
41 Creeps Like Me by Lyle Lovett
42 Tender Comrade by Billy Bragg
43 All Uncovered
44 Down Under by Men at Work in I'm Still Gone
45 Top of the World
46 Boneyard Tree
47 Mister
48 Absolutely Anytime
49 Born Afire
50 Must To Be Free
51 Walking In Your Footsteps by the Police in In My M
52 Run & Hide
53 Eminence Front by the Who
54 I Like It
55 In My Mind
56 Sleep
57 No Longer Mine
58 Dance Some More
59 Laugher
60 Any Day Now
61 Phone Call
62 Incarnate
63 Lusitana
64 Try It Sometime
65 Slomotion
66 Middle East
67 Admiral of the Sea by Husker Du (Grant Hart)
68 I'm Blind
69 Come Around
70 Soft Parade
71 The South
72 Do It
73 Stereo (remix)
74 Shut Up
75 Vovo Diva
76 All I really Want to Do [Be Friends with You] by B
77 Lucky As I Am
78 He's Gone
79 Together
80 The Otherside
81 Wiser
82 American Woman by the Guess Who
83 I'm Waiting
84 Tumbleweed
85 Private Universe by Crowded House
86 On My Way
87 Waste Away
88 Cracked

Watchmen Bio

The Watchmen are a Canadian rock band. They were one of the most commercially successful Canadian alternative rock groups of the mid to late 1990s. During their peak years the band had three gold records (McLaren Furnace Room, Silent Radar, and Slomotion) and one platinum record (In The Trees). In addition, they have toured Canada numerous times, were the opening act for The Tragically Hip, and co-headlined a national tour with Big Wreck.

The group was formed in 1988 in Winnipeg, Manitoba by vocalist Daniel Greaves, guitarist Joey Serlin, bassist Pete Loewen and Greaves' first cousin, drummer Sammy Kohn. Serlin was a comic fan and named the group after the 1986-87 DC comic book series Watchmen.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Watchmen_(band)