Wasp Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Wasp Lyrics - by Popularity

1 No Way Out Of Here
2 Keep Holding On
3 Paint It Black
4 For Whom The Bell Tolls
5 Scream Until Ya Like It
6 School Daze (B Lawless)
7 The Flame (B Lawless, C Holmes, J Marquez, J Marqu
8 Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)
9 Loco-Motive Man
10 Harder Faster
11 Lake Of Fools
12 9.5. - N.a.s.t.y.
13 Easy Living
14 Rock And Roll To Death
15 Inside The Electric Circus
16 The Great Misconceptions Of Me
17 Breathe
18 The Gypsy Meets The Boy
19 Restless Gypsy
20 Goodbye America
21 The Idol
22 Sleeping In The Fire (B Lawless)
23 Shoot From The Hip
24 I Can¹t
25 The Invisible Boy
26 Sweet Cheetah
27 Forever Free
28 The Hellion (B Lawless)
29 The Rock Rolls On
30 Maneater
31 The Torture Never Stops (B Lawless)
32 Animal
33 Scared To Death
34 Mean Man
35 Tormentor (B Lawless, C Holmes)
36 Blind In Texas
37 Somebody To Love
38 Rebel In The F.d.g.
39 Still Not Black Enough
40 The Headless Children
41 Sunset And Babylon
42 The Heretic
43 Last Command
44 Arena Of Pleasure
45 The Neutron Bomber
46 Cries In The Night
47 (Credits)
48 Manimal
49 Chainsaw Charlie (Murders In The New Morgue)
50 The Real Me
51 Tormentor
52 Phantoms
53 Doctor Rockter
54 Thunderhead
55 The Titanic Overture
56 I Don't Need No Doctor
57 War Cry
58 Hold On To My Heart
59 B A D (B Lawless)
60 Sleeping In The Fire
61 I'm Alive
62 I Am One
63 I Wanna Be Somebody (B Lawless)
64 I Wanna Be Somebody
65 Narration
66 L O V E Machine (B Lawless)
67 Mephisto Waltz
68 King Of Sodom And Gomorrah
69 Black Forever
70 On Your Knees (B Lawless)
71 Mantronic

Wasp Bio

W.A.S.P. is an American heavy metal band formed in 1982. They emerged from the same Los Angeles scene that spawned Van Halen, Mötley Crüe, Ratt, Quiet Riot, Guns N' Roses and others. The band's popularity peaked in the 1980s, yet they continue to record and tour, making them one of the most enduring of the West Coast heavy metal bands. W.A.S.P. gained notoriety for their shock rock themed image, lyrics and live performances. They have sold over 12 million copies of their albums.

The band was a prominent target in the mid-1980s of the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) led by Tipper Gore, who at the time was wife of then-Senator Al Gore (D-TN), an organization that pushed for warning labels on recorded music. The band immortalized its fight with the PMRC on the song "Harder, Faster" from their 1987 live album, Live...In the Raw.

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