Was (Not Was) Lyrics

Genre: Pop

Was (Not Was) Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Walk the Dinosaur
2 Papa Was A Rollin' Stone
3 Are You Okay?
4 Everybody Walk The Dinosaur
5 I Feel Better Than James Brown
6 11 Mph (Abe Zapp Ruder Version)
7 Dad I'm in Jail
8 Earth To Doris
9 Love Can Be Bad Luck
10 Out Come The Freaks
11 Robot Girl
12 (Return To The Valley Of) Out Come The Freaks
13 What Up, Dog?
14 The Party Broke Up
15 How The Heart Behaves
16 Zaz Turned Blue
17 Somewhere in America There's a Street Named after My Dad
18 Papa Was a Rolling Stone (Promo Single Edit)
19 I Blew Up The United States
20 Shake Your Head (Steve "Silk" Hurley Remix) - Featuring Kim Bassinger and Ozzy Osbourne
21 Wheel Me Out (Long Version)
22 Elvis' Rolls Royce - Featuring Leonard Cohen
23 In K Mart Wardrobe
24 Anything Can Happen
25 I Can't Turn You Loose
26 Walk the Dinosour
27 Just Another Couple Broken Hearts
28 Anytime Lisa
29 Christmas Time In Motor City
30 Go… Now!
31 Maria Novarro
32 Oh, Mr. Friction
33 Out Come the Freaks (dub version)
34 It's An Attack!
35 Tell Me That I'm Dreaming (12" remix)
36 You! You! You!
37 Look What's Back
38 Knocked Down, Made Small
39 Betrayal
40 Bow Wow Wow Wow
41 Boys' Gone Crazy
42 Man Vs The Empire Brain Building
43 Papa Was a Rollin' Stone - Club Mix Remastered
44 Boy's Gone Crazy
45 Professor Night
46 Shadow And Jimmy
47 The Party Broke Up (Mutant Disco Edit)
48 Prologue
49 Somewhere In America There's A Street Named After
50 Tell Me That I'm Dreaming (Traditional 12' remix)
51 Spy in the House of Love
52 Tell Me That I’m Dreaming
53 Shake Your Head (Let's Go To Bed)
54 Wedding Vows In Vegas
55 Tell Me That I'm Dreaming
56 Dressed To Be Killed
57 Smile
58 Out Come the Freaks (7" Version)
59 Elvis' Rolls Royce
60 Hello Operator (Short Version)
61 Spy in the House of Love (7" Version)

Was (Not Was) Bio

Was (Not Was) is an American eclectic pop group founded by David Weiss (a.k.a. David Was) and Don Fagenson (a.k.a. Don Was). They gained popularity in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Weiss and Fagenson were childhood friends who grew up together in suburban Detroit. Partly due to Fagenson's poverty they decided to form Was (Not Was) in 1979. The name of the band was derived from Fagenson's son Tony, who enjoyed contradicting words such as "Blue" with "Not Blue". Their first recording was "Wheel Me Out", a 12-inch dance record for the avant-garde ZE Records. It was also included on the 2000 compilation album Disco Not Disco.

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