War Lyrics

Genre: R&B

War Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Why Can't We Be Friends
2 The Sons Of War
3 Galaxy
4 All Day Music
5 Deliver The Word
6 Four Cornered Room
7 All Day Music (1971)
8 Slippin' Into Darkness
9 Satan
10 Revenge
11 Spill The Wine
12 The Cisco Kid
13 The World Is A Ghetto
14 Lowrider
15 Inspiration
16 The World Is a Ghetto (rehearsal take)
17 Spirit
18 Magic Mountain
19 Gypsy Man
20 That L.A. Sunshine
21 Gypsy Man (Live At The Shrine Auditorium/1973)
22 Nights in White Satin I
23 Pretty Colors
24 Reapers Of Satan
25 Whose Cadillac Is That?
26 Mamacita
27 Shuttin It Down
28 Out of Nowhere
29 You're No Stranger
30 Lotus Blossom
31 Baby Brother
32 Low Rider (Remix) - Remix by Arthur Baker
33 Sun Oh Son (Live)
34 Nights in White Satin II
35 Beautiful New Born Child
36 I Am Elite
37 Southern Part Of Texas
38 Low Rider
39 The Cisco Kid (Live)
40 Sun / Moon
41 Paint It Black Medley (live): Black on Black in Black / Paint It Black/ Laurel & Hardy / Blackbird
42 Galaxy War
43 Why Can’t We Be Friends
44 Spill the Wine (Live)
45 Slippin' Into Darkness (Live)
46 Jimbo
47 Low Rider (On the Boulvard)
48 Galaxy (Edit Version)
49 WarWar After War (A Soldier’s Story)
50 Spill the Wine (Live)
51 All Day Music (Live)
52 Low Rider (Espanol Fantasma Mix)
53 Cinco de Mayo (Edit Version)
54 L.A. Sunshine
55 Bounce
56 Spill the Wine - Live
57 Get Down (Live)
58 Total War
59 Summer
60 Peace Sign (Edit Version)
61 Everything
62 Galaxy - Club Mix
63 Galaxy (Live)
64 I Have a Dream
65 Heartbeat (Edit Version)
66 In Mazatlan
67 It’s My Life
68 Galaxy - Club Mix
69 So (Live)
70 Mother Earth
71 Southern Part of Texas (Edit Version)
72 You Got The Power
73 That L.A. Sunshine (Featuring Cheech & Chong)
74 Galaxy - Club Mix
75 Gypsy Man (Live)
76 Home Dream
77 Galaxy (club mix)
78 Scream Stream
79 They Can't Take Away Our Music
80 Me and Baby Brother (Live)
81 Bare Back Ride
82 This Funky Music
83 Home Cookin'
84 Why Can't We Be Friends? (Live)
85 Nights in White Satin
86 Me and Baby Brother
87 Outer Space
88 They Can’t Take Away Our Music
89 Low Rider Medley (Live)
90 Beautiful Newborn Child
91 Don't Let No One Get You Down
92 It’s Our RightFunky Tonk
93 Spill the Wine (Junior Vasquez remix)
94 The Vision of Rassan: Dedication / Roll On Kirk
95 Paint It Black
96 So
97 Just Like Us
98 Peace Sign - Edit
99 Paint It Black Medley: Black on Black in Black / Paint It Black / Laurel & Hardy / Pintelo Negro / P.C. 3 / Blackbird
100 Gun
101 Satans Millenium

War Bio

War was a Swedish black metal supergroup, formed by Tony "IT" Särkkä of Abruptum, David "Blackmoon" Parland of Dark Funeral and Peter Tägtgren of Hypocrisy.

War was formed in 1995 when Blackmoon attended an Abruptum recording session in Peter Tägtgren’s The Abyss Studios. After the recordings, IT, Blackmoon and Tägtgren had a discussion about the scene, about the murder of Euronymous and IT's True Satanist Horde. They discussed to record an album and give any money they would earn to the True Satanist Horde. It was also discussed to have killed Varg Vikernes who had murdered Euronymous.

In 1997 the band released its first EP "Total War", featuring IT and Blackmoon on guitars, Peter Tägtgren on drums, Mikael Hedlund of Hypocrisy on bass and Jim "All" Berger of Abruptum, Ophthalamia and Vondur on vocals, on Necropolis Records. They also featured on the Bathory tribute album In Conspiracy With Satan released in 1998, performing the final song titled War.

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