Vengaboys Lyrics

Genre: Electronic

Vengaboys Lyrics - by Popularity

1 We Like To Party
2 Ho Ho Vengaboys
3 Boom Boom Boom Boom
4 Uncle John From Jamaica
5 Your Place Or Mine?
6 You And Me
7 48 Hours
8 Superfly Slick Dick
9 Shalala Lala
10 Opus 3 In D#
11 Bottomless
12 The Vengabeat (LP Version)
13 Up And Down
14 To Brazil
15 Shalala La La
16 Vengababes from Outer Space
17 Cheekah Bow Bow (That Computer Song)
18 Cheekah Bow Bow
19 Take Me To The City
20 Skinnydippin'
21 2 Brazil (Extended Hit Radio)
22 Kiss (when the Sun Don't Shine) - Treësto Vs Tr3hab Remix
23 Where Did My Xmas Tree Go? (Radio Instrumental)
24 Boom Boom Boom Boom (Rocket Pimp Remix)
25 Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! (XXL version)
26 2 Brazil! (Extended Hit Radio)
27 Paradise...
28 Shalala Lala - Merry Corsten Xmix
29 Boom Boom Boom
30 Kiss (When the Sun Don't Shine) (Hitradio)
31 Uncle John From Jamaica (karaoke version)
32 2 Brazil! (Like Brazil Remix - Edit)
33 The Vengaboat
34 We're Going To Ibiza! - Armin Van Blizzard Mix
35 Up & Down (video mix)
36 Boom Boom Boom!
37 Kiss (When the Sun Don't Shine) (Hitradio XXL)
38 Uncle John From Jamaica (M.I.K.E. remix)
39 We Like to Party! (The Vengabus) (Airplay edit)
40 Up & Down- Dj Carol Cox Xmix
41 We’re Going To Ibiza (Hitradio RMX)
42 Kiss (When the Sun Don’t Shine) (Airscape remix)
43 Kiss (When the Sun Don't Shine) [Karaoke Version]
44 Uncle John From Jamaica (Lock 'n Load remix)
45 2 Brazil! (Hit Radio Instrumental)
46 We're Going to Ibiza (hitradio mix)
47 Sha La La La .......
48 Kiss (When the Sun Don't Shine) (Airscape remix)
49 Up & Down (Radio)
50 2 Brazil! (Hit Radio Edit)
51 We Like to Party (The Vengabus) (airplay edit)
52 Tragedy
53 We're Going to Ibiza! (Hitradio mix)
54 We Like The Party!
55 Hot Hot Hot (Radio Mix In -Mix Out)
56 Up & Down (Johan S Toxic Club)
57 2 Brazil! (Hit Radio Instrumental with Brazil Chant)
58 Movin' Around
59 We Like to Party! (The Vengabus More Airplay)
60 We’re Going to Ibiza (Hitradio mix)
61 Boom, Boom, I Want You In My
62 We Are Going To Ibiza (Hitradio Mix)
63 Up & Down (Club 69 Tribal Anth.)
64 2 Brazil (Like Brazil Remix)
65 Up & Down
66 2 Brazil! (Hitradio Instrumental)
67 Some People
68 We're Going to Ibiza! (hit radio mix)
69 Ho Ho Vengaboys!
70 Up & Down (Dancability Extended)
71 Up & Down (Club 69 Tribal Dub)
72 2 Brazil! (Hitradio Instrumental with Brazil Chant)
73 Kiss (When the Sun Don’t Shine)
74 Red
75 Up & Down (Radio Edit)
76 Up & Down (original mix)
77 Kiss (When The Sun Don’t Shine) - Hitradio
78 2 Brazil! (Like Brazil Remix)
79 TMTTC (Take Me To The City)
80 We're Going to Ibiza!
81 Old Cape Cod
82 We Like to Party!
83 Rocket to Uranus
84 Wer're Going to Ibiza
85 2 Brazil! (Dance Radio)
86 2 Brazil! (Extended Dance Radio)
87 We're Going to Ibiza
88 Oh My My
89 Boom, Boom, Boom Boom!!
90 Up & Down (Tin Tin Out Remix)
91 Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! (Brooklyn Bounce Boombastic RMX)
92 2 Brazil - Hitradio Instrumental with Brazil Chant
93 Kiss (When the Sun Don't Shine)
94 Mr. Goldstone
95 We’re Going To Ibiza - Hitradio Remix
96 Cheekah Bow Bow (XXL Remix)
97 Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! (Beat Me Up Scotty RMX)
98 24/7 In My 911
99 2 Brazil (Hit Radio Edit)
100 We’re Going to Ibiza
101 Let Me Drive
102 We're Going To Ibiza - Hitclub Airplay Remix
103 Rocket to Uranus (Andronik Spacedisco Remix)
104 Superfly Slick Dick (album version)
105 2 Brazil (Extended Dance Mix)
106 Skinny Dippin'
107 Where Did My Xmas Tree Go?
108 In This Life
109 We Like To Party! (Six Flags)
110 We Like to Party (DJ Disco Remix)
111 We're Going to Ibiza! (Hitclub extended remix)
112 Forever As One
113 2 Brazil! (Extended Dance Mix)
114 Superfly Slick
115 Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! - Snowtek Mix
116 Heaven
117 We Like the Party
118 Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! (Sunset Brothers Remix)
119 We Like to Party! (Six Flags) (Six Flags)
120 2 Brazil! (Extended Hitradio)
121 We Like To Party! (The Vengabus ) - Dj Hardbell Mix
122 Dreamland
123 Where Did My Xmas Tree Go? (Radio)
124 Boom Boom Boom Boom (Sunset Brothers Remix)
125 Boom Boom Boom Boom (XXL version)

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Vengaboys Bio

The Vengaboys are a Dutch eurodance/dance-pop group based in Rotterdam. The brainchild of two Dutch producers Wessel van Diepen and Dennis van den Driesschen (Danski and Delmundo), they enjoyed commercial success in the late 1990s. Their music was ubiquitous throughout European holiday destinations. They are best known for their two UK number one singles, "Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!" and "We're Going to Ibiza" and their U.S. Top 40 hit, "We Like to Party". The group consists of lead vocalist Kim Sasabone, vocalist Denise Post-Van Rijswijk and the male vocalist Robin Pors and Donny Latupeirissa. They have sold an estimated 25 million records worldwide and are renowned for being one of the most influential Eurodance pop groups of the early 21st century. On 2 May 2001, The World Music Awards awarded Vengaboys with the award for best selling dance group of the year.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vengaboys