Vanessa Carlton Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Vanessa Carlton Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Ordinary Day
2 A Thousand Miles
3 The Wreckage
4 White Houses
5 Half A Week Before The Winter
6 Pretty Baby
7 Home
8 1000 Miles
9 Come Undone
10 Paint It Black
11 More Than Wanted
12 Ordinary Day (Live Version)
13 In Love With You
14 Swindler
15 Marching Line
16 Hands On Me
17 Unsung
18 Tall Tales for Spring (Live Acoustic)
19 I Don’t Want to Be a Bride
20 My Best
21 Papa
22 House of Seven Swords (Live)
23 Operator
24 Carousel (Live Acoustic)
25 Rinse
26 A Thousand Miles (Live Version)
27 She Floats
28 Operator (Live)
29 Willows
30 London (Live Acoustic)
31 Sway
32 A Thousand Miles (Live [vocals down])
33 This Time
34 Willows (Live)
35 Take It Easy
36 Ordinary Day (Live)
37 Paradise
38 I Don't Want to Be a Bride
39 Fools Like Me
40 A Thousand Miles (Interlude)
41 Matter of Time (Live)
42 Blue Pool
43 Nolita Fairytale - Main
44 Prince
45 I'll Wait for You
46 A Thousand Miles (Live in London Version (vocals down))
47 River (Live)
48 Operator (Living Room Session)
49 Wanted (Ripe Mix Version)
50 More Than This
51 Wishin' And Hopin'
52 River - Live From Nashville, US / 2015
53 Nothing Where Something Used To Be (Living Room Session)
54 Pretty Baby (New)
55 Wanted
56 Where The Streets Have No Name
57 A Thousand Miles - Single Version
58 Young Heart
59 Ordinary Day (Piano/Vocal Version)
60 Watch Me Shine
61 Vanessa Carlton - Ordinary Day
62 House of Seven Swords
63 Carousel
64 Pretty Baby (New Version)
65 Wanted-Ripe Mix
66 All I Ask
67 Nothing Where Something Used to Be
68 London
69 A Thousand Miles (Piano/Vocal Version - Live In Japan)
70 Red Ditty
71 Big Yellow Taxi
72 Matter of Time
73 Fairweather Friend
74 Ordinary Day (Holland Piano Solo Live Version)
75 Heroes & Thieves
76 Who's To Say
77 Unlock the Lock
78 Hear the Bells
79 Fairweather Friends
80 A Thousand Miles (Live Acoustic)
81 Against All Odds
82 Fool Like Me
83 San Francisco
84 River
85 Dear California
86 Tall Tales for Spring
87 The One
88 Annie
89 C'est La Vie
90 Ascension
91 Get Good
92 Twilight
93 Happy XMas (War Is Over)
94 Afterglow
95 Take It Easy (Live)
96 Blue Pool (Living Room Session)
97 The Marching Line
98 A Thousand Miles (Acoustic Version)
99 Private Radio
100 Blue Pool (Live)
101 River (Living Room Session)
102 In the End
103 Paradise (Piano/Vocal Version)
104 Spring Street
105 Nothing Where Something Used To Be (Live)
106 Take It Easy (Living Room Session)

Vanessa Carlton Bio

Vanessa Lee Carlton (born August 16, 1980) is an American singer-songwriter and musician. At the completion of her education at the School of American Ballet, Carlton chose to pursue singing instead, performing in New York bars and clubs while attending university. Three months after recording a demo with producer Peter Zizzo, she signed with A&M Records. She began recording her album, which was initially unsuccessful until Ron Fair took over. Her debut single, "A Thousand Miles," reached the top five on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2002. Her debut album, Be Not Nobody, followed and received platinum certification in the United States. However, her subsequent albums, Harmonium (2004) and Heroes & Thieves (2007) failed to replicate the commercial success of the first. She produced a fourth album, Rabbits on the Run (2011) independently before sourcing for a record label to release it.

Carlton was born in Milford, Pennsylvania to Ed Carlton, a pilot, and Heidi, a pianist and school music teacher. She has two younger siblings, a sister, Gwen and a brother, Edmund. Her mother is of Russian Jewish descent and her father is of Scandinavian ancestry. Her interest in music began at an early age; after returning from Disneyland at the age of two, she played "It's a Small World" on the piano. Her mother then began to tutor her on the piano.